Kali Maa

World Mother

Jai Kali Ma

Now this is a goddess I could really get into. Hindu gods come in different incarnations depending on their mood. PMS I guess, or maybe PTSD. Whatever the cause they seem to have really bad mood swings. As I have mentioned I am interested in how the mind works only and am fascinated with different cultures, theology? not so much. Check the gal on the left, rather sweet motherly type, wouldn’t you say? That’s who she is to her friends. Now check the one on the right, that’s who she is to her enemies. (Long Tongue, she laps up abloutions) In case you can’t make it out she is wearing a necklace made of severed heads. Click on the pictures to enlarge. Here’s a really good short explaination so I won’t go into it.

Shakti maa the power mother goddess

I’ve included the sound track below in case you want to get psyched up for road rage or go wilding with the boys.

You might get re-incarnated as a psychologist.


Shakti maa the power mother goddess

As I have mentioned, I spent time in Singapore and flew all over the east repairing computer systems. One of these systems was in Serangoon Road, the heart of the Hindu community. There was a temple, Chitier (pronounced shitier) which had all kinds of fun activities. These people are not really known for their conservative architecture. Click on these pictures to enlarge.

Do NOT piss off Kali Maa.

One of the social activities they really got into was firewalking. They would stoke up a coal fire in a pit to the point I couldn’t get within 15 feet of it, then leisurely stroll across. Kinda like baptists holding bake sales I guess. Witnessing this stuff first hand gives a really surreal feeling. Makes my minds run around in my skull like hampsters in an exercise ball.



Another fun activity was the thaipusam festival. It should be noted that some of the traditional hindu practices are banned in most countries. Stuff like killing infant female children, or burning the wife along with the husband at funerals. Things like body piercing, Kavadis, and self mutilation are, however, still permitted in Singapore and Kuala Lumpar. Vanquished I love the expression on that gal’s face “Oops! They didn’t tell me it was going to hurt.” Check this picture, those are fishooks stuck into his back pulling a cart. And they don’t mince down the road, they boogie, the oranges swinging back and forth.The people themselves, however, are quite gentle, maybe the religion is cathardic and gets it out of their system.

Some of the temples I saw in india were completely decorated in porn. Jainism I think. Then there’s the Kama Sutra kind of a vedic “Joy of sex”. I walked around one temple in India and came up with more than 100 positions before I gave up. Some of them looked like they’d hurt. While speaking of architecture the Taj Mahal comes to mind, built by shah Jahan for his main squeeze. He must have really had the hots for her. That’s one I didn’t get to see.

Jai Kali Ma

Jai Kali Maa

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