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“A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?” – Big Al Big Al Quotes

WALTER is now ready to address Big Al’s question. Those who follow me will know what when WALTER speaks, walt and el Loco Gringo have reached consensus. The “best answer to date” of the right algorithm has been set on the left algorithm as a shortcut.

Previously I have spoken of idiots and non-idiots. Idiots are simple, they have the Brain Fart, a debilitating mental condition that prevents them from using their whole brain. Idiots are the norm.

Non-idiots is a more complicated topic, or maybe not. They can always be insane, of course. Let’s pull them out of consideration, to be dealt with later. I am uncomfortable with defining something by what it is not. Non-idiots is cumbersome. Centered is better but it has spiritual overtones which may not be necessarily appropriate. In like manner whole brain thinking has sectarian overtones which also may not be necessarily appropriate. Balanced puts the whole discussion inside the skull, also inappropriate. Yoga puts it outside. The same can be said of all the words used to describe this condition, each being only a partial answer, and viewed as a deviation from the norm. Tao is close.

So this is the way the minds are supposed to work, balancing input to achieve optimal execution. It is not the non-idiot who is an aberration, but the idiot. A non-idiot is able to access his essense whatever that may be, unique for each individual. If you deal with life in the spiritual realm, it is being able to access that little bit of God that is within us all. If you deal with life in the secular realm, it is being able to access that little bit of the universe that is within us all. They are, after all, the same thing. So Big Al is normal.

And to Big Al, the others are crazy, you are Normal

2 Responses to “Normal”

  1. “normal” is relative and depends on the position of the speaker. and in most cases on where the majority stands. which means, I understand you, but I can also understand the other side.
    but why is “balanced” inside the skull? I don’t think so.
    by the way, I don’t have a problem with “odd” ;-)

    • ellocogringo Says:

      Hi Jutta,
      That’s why you’re not an idiot. Got to be careful with words. consider the word irrational. what the word actually means is not subject to ratios. an aristotelian view. the meaning has morphed to mean illogical, whereas originally it meant mythos as opposed to logos the two ways he have of interpreting the world (ether, Plato). so odd is perhaps the wrong word, unusual is perhaps better. As to balance, nope, it’s inside the skull. there are two pivot points inside, one outside. In Platonic terms logos and mythos inside, ethos outside. in your terms perhaps, religion and spirituality inside and GOD outside. So unless you feel that you transcend god, the external pivot point is moot in terms of what you can do. What can be done is to balance the religion and spirituality so as to have a harmonious relationship. it is 100% up to you to decide if you want a good relationship with god (depending how much credibility you put into predetermination). thomas aquinas pointed this out when he said “there is no virtue if there is no choice” I agree, the choice is yours. It’s inside the skull. entirely. please note I am not challenging what you are saying, only pointing out how the minds work. It doesn’t matter what subject you’re thinking of, the minds work exactly the same way in evaluating God, physics, society, the universe.
      This is my Tao Mobile.
      It’s inside the skull. entirely. I haven’t done a christian mobile but you can plug religion into yang, spirituality into yin and god into tao. If you’re talking man you’re talking ego in the yang, self esteem in the yin and society in tao. do not get confused by the words, the word is not the concept. I can see no difference between god and the universe for instance. or tao for that matter, the same thing is happening in the mind, and different words are being used to describe the experience. this is why i view the debate between religion and science moot. It’s silly. They’re fighting the battle of Moot Hill in the yin/yang wars, to the detriment of everyone.

      I refuse to accept that idiots are normal. They’re the norm perhaps, but certainly not normal. From your perspective, do you really think god gave us this marvelous cognitive device for us to be idiots? idiots they are, and idiots they shall remain.

      I’m going to copy this to respond to your comment on my post.
      WALTER has spoken

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