The Brain

A three pound amorphous mass of self-programming neurons controlled by wetware

Wetware is a reprogramable system that allows the mind to index data, memories, concepts and provides links to these. It also sets the decision points in the algorithms accordingly. Basically the ANN, plus the defense mechanisms, plus the algorithms. Consider a library in which all of the books were piled in a heap in the middle of the floor. It would be a pretty tough job to find an Ayn Rand book. The smaller the pile of books, the less time it will take to find it. Consider a telephone directory in which the names were entered in random order. How long would it take to find Ayn Rand? This is the way the pre-human mind works. Time is the (un considered) limiting factor in how big the brain can be. Enter wetware. We index the library. All of the books are put on shelves and to find a particular book all we have to do is look in the index to find that Rand, Ayn is in bookcase A, third row down and we can go right to it. We alphabetize the phone book and Rand, Ayn is near the beginning of the R’s, and we can go right to it. This is the way the human mind works. The mind no longer needs to remember the data, but only the index of where the data is stored.
Consider Charlie and Polly pre-human walking through the jungle. A boa falls out of a tree and wraps itself around polly and crushes her. The next time a similar occurance occurs (as occurances are wont to do) It will take 6 seconds for Charlie to recall the memory and then begin thinking about what to do. Not too good for Polly. Now if Charlie were human, ie had wetware, the first time this happened, he would review the situation later and decide that next time he would grab a rock and pound the thing in the head, eating lunch instead of being lunch. His ANN sets a trigger point on his algorithm, and within 1/2 second he grabs a rock and begins pounding the head of the boa. MUCH better. TIME, TIME, TIME It’s about time, It’s all about time, It’s always all about time
Starting at birth the baby has only the primal defense mechanism, set by epigenetics, to work with.  At birth the wetware programming starts.  It can be viewed as a neuron trellis, something to give neurons a path to follow.  During the critical period of imprinting, this wetware is accepted as truth.  Historically this imprinting has consisted of family and social mores, language, religion, (taboo) and more recently education (lattice).  After the critical period, estimated to be between 7 and puberty, begins the period of learning.  During  the learning any concepts that are inconsistent with the imprinting cannot be accepted and are regarded as heretical.  The Aristotelean Brain Fart is the most debilitating of the imprintings, being championed by both religion and education.  Simply put, people KNOW the earth is round but UNDERSTAND the earth as being flat.  This is the source of anomie.  The hole in the soul.  The search for meaning.

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