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Dark Madonna

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For the ordinary people of the Cathar lands, and especially for the women, the Virgin Mary was in fact worshipped and she was (and is) the Dark Madonnas of southern France and northern Spain and she summoned up all the ancient pagan fertility beliefs of the earth they lived upon. This Virgin Mary was the people’s goddess and the irony of the Cathar massacres is that this Dark Mary survived.

Diva – Isn’t this the paradox of any good idea? The Virgin Mary became an institution of power and control, a diva. By the 16th century her cult was out of control, although this may have helped her pull off the destruction of the Turkish navy at Lepanto in 1571.
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DancingInTheFlames – An often misunderstood Feminine force is raised to her place of honor This is a profound exploration of the often misunderstood Dark Goddess and her ability to transform all of us. Marion Woodman leads us all in a deeper understanding of the often unseen & unappreciated aspects of the Feminine, so needed for a soulful life. The dedication of this book to Sophia says it all “Integrity in love is the only true guide to the wisdom that leads to freedom”. Thank you Marion and Elinor for being the wise women who lead us all to freedom by giving our souls the rich sustenance of the numinous Feminine goddesses.



Is this then armagedan II? Another battle in the never ending yin/yang war. The battle between the forces of good, the divine feminine, and the forces of evil the fallen angels of the feminazis?

Consider what religion has done to islam and christianity. Consider what politics has done to democracy. Consider what law has done to justice. Consider “burka Rage” an opening skirmish perhaps? Did the devine feminine attack the suppressed fallen angel? Consider. This is a war that will have no winners. Isn’t it odd how we keep dancing to the same tune, even after the band has stopped playing? ShoppingForBurkas

“I am blessed/cursed with the gift/burden of the we inside of me“. – el Loco Gringo

Is this the angel of death that keeps being alluded to? Is this what brought on the dark ages? Is this the precipice? Is this the abyss? Could be, but there are a lot of candidates. Instead of the road not taken, we keep to the long and winding road. “The moving finger writes, and having writ, moves on” – Omar Khayyam

I don’t have a good feeling about this



Virtual Virgin

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“It’s about sex, it’s all about sex, it’s always all about sex’

Anybody ever talk to a muslim about women? When I was at Wheelus we had a house boy. Achmed. About 15. This kid had some really weird ideas about sex and women. Pretty weird ideas about everything as it turns out but I’ll stick to sex and women. It is, after all, the core tenet of Islam. WTF? you may say, everything I know about Islam tells me the opposite, you may say. Nope! Just hang onto your saddle horn, the omniscient, all seeing, all knowing, munificent and humble Maharishi emeritus el Loco Gringo gonna ‘splain.

To start with, I’m going to have to take a lot of detours, but it will all tie together in the end. (hopefully) Try to keep your balance, we’re diving into insanity here. Oops! first detour. To understand Islam it will be necessary to get into indexed nested detours. Look at it as an exercise in working the nimbility of your dendrites. I guarantee they will be quivering in fear by the time this is over.

To save my typing I’m going to introduce a symbol for detour. It will be based on this. “Only a crazy person can understand how a crazy person thinks” – el Loco Gringo I admit to being crazy, in fact I revel in the panache it lends my personna. BUT, here be dragons. Islamic thinking requires holding several mutually exclusive concepts comfortably in your mind at once, which is dangerous for a crazy person like me, but could easily drive an idiot into insanity. So heed the warning. This could be dangerous to your mental health. Turn your mental TomTom on, make sure you’ve got home enabled or you may not get back. But if you take the proper precautions you should be OK. Just find a comfortable location, preferably without explosive materials available, alert the terrorist SWAT team and relax.

You can really get horny at Wheelus. I was complaining about this to the sarge who commented, “Well there’s always Achmed” “bullshit I don’t go for that shit” “Only 6 people have to know” “why six?” “Achmed doesn’t go for that shit either”

Back to the topic at hand. Simply put, women aren’t human, merely a life support system for a vagina.

Which raises an interesting question. If women aren’t human, they aren’t pure enough to give birth to the messiah. So, how, exactly, is the messiah to be born? Yup! you guessed it. That’s why sharia law requires men wearing baggy pants during ramadan, to catch the messiah. And I bet you thought the “immaculate conception” was weird? This gives a whole new meaning to weird.

Back to the topic at hand. Women. First however we must discuss Libyan society which is exactly the same as all societies. i.e. A thin layer of elite , descendents of the latest conquering people and the peasants. Or as Algonquin J. Calhoon (Amos ‘n Andy) would say the fuckers and the fuckees. In this instance the fuckers are the arabs and the fuckees are the Bedouin.

Actually they call themselves bedouin, the arabs call them berber. comes from the burr burr sound of the language. I never could understand how foreigners could understand each other they all speak a foreign language.

Bedouin hate arabs (I like them already) . Most of them aren’t muslim. The men tattoo their faces and wear veils and the women don’t unless around arabs. I would run into them later in Chad. We had trouble with arabs sneaking on the base stealing stuff. The arabs had a camp right outside the base. It got really bad, one of them was smoking in an ammo bunker and blew it up and the CO decided to do something. He hired a band of bedouin for security and they pitched camp on base. A couple of dead arabs and the stealing stopped. About a week later the arab camp disappeared. Turns out the arabs were afraid to come on base and the bedouin were going off base, killing them and bringing them back across the fence. Look at it from the Bedouin’s point of view, they were being paid to kill arabs, it don’t get no better than that. Please note that the Bedouin is a culture, not a race, there are negro bedouins. It’s a matriachial society. These are the people they’re killing in Darfour.

Please bear with me, I’m trying to weave together the bedouin, parsi, urdu, arab, worldviews overlaid by islam into some sort of framework that the western world view can visualize. Understand that ALL societies work like this. The fuckers and the fuckees, or as el Loco Gringo would say, the assholes and the idiots. This is EXACTLY what is happening in the western hemisphere. Just different fuckers and fuckees. In the mideast the arabs are the fuckers and the bedouin, parsi, urdu and arab are the fuckees. Whoa, what ‘chu mean, how can the arabs be both the fuckers and the fuckees? Simple, the basic societal structure of mankind is the fucker/fuckee one. Arabs have this same structure. Which is why the government of Libya didn’t give a shit about the bedouin killing the arabs on (on and off) the base. They are both fuckees. The same situation exists in the americas, the government doesn’t give a shit about the individual or the amerind. Lakota or joe sixpack makes no difference, they are both fuckees in the fuckers mind.

Back to the topic at hand. Women. So I’ talking to Achmed, a member of the fucker class with an Islamic imprinting. Achmed needed policical pull to get the job, although that’s an abstract concept to an arab (It certainly was to Achmed). The arab society is a patriachal society in contrast to western society which is a matriachal society. (that’s too big a detour to go into herefor the moment just accept it as rhetorical) What this boils down to is that women are fuckees, In the arab view, the fucker has the inherent right to fuck the fuckee in any sense of the word you may use.

So how does arab (not islamic, arab) society deal with the natural overwhelming urge to “go forth and multiply” inherent in our makeup?

In the west the matriarchial society has chosen marriage as the mechanism to assure an illusion of an equitable distrubution of poontang and bannanas.

In the arab world the patriarchal society has chosen virtual poontang. On death Allah will give all the faithful 9 virgins, who somehow remain perpetually virgin. I notice that there is virtual virgin inflation, the number has gone from 9 to 10,000 to entice young males to “die for allah”. Even thinking about pussy will earn you eternal damnation. No wonder they’re so pissed.

This is not Islam, but the arab culture overlaid on Islam. Islam started out being progressive and egalitarian but has been hijacked by the arab worldview, in the same sense that western civilization has been hijacked by religion. (matriarchal vs patriarchal remember?) Different manifestation of the same process.

The same scenario as charlie chimp, the alpha males get first dibs on the bannanas and poontang.

Just my original quest, It all boils down to the assholes and the idiots having a synergistic relationship, with the idiots seeking to be beat up on by the assholes, which need is satisfied.

Paleolithic redux

Just to round this out, the arab/islam worldview has no concept of statism so strictly speaking can’t be called a civilization. None of these people recognize the lines the west has put on the map.

This is heaven to a moslem, the Sex angel. The virtual vagina.

I am postjudiced.