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Wetware 1.0 to 1.1

This is a major patch to wetware version 1.0 bringing it up to date (wetware 1.1). It provides protection against a major security hole. As the mind has no defense against spinout, this patch should be applied as soon as possible, to prevent suicides, going postal, depression and other problems.

The meme “Regroup” should be introduced into the curriculum at the earliest opportunity. A good point would be History. The concept “regroup” means gather resources, fall back and establish a defensive perimeter. Once the meme is firmly implanted, it can be activated in a session or lecture, such as “When you start to become overwhelmed, you need to regroup, and consider your options.” Even if the person doesn’t self-regroup, a counselor or therapist can use it as a “back door” to relieve the tension.  QD Fix

This patch provides a defended area of the mind for sanity to occur. Once established, it can be used as a bridgehead to address the underlying issues.

This whole thing raises severe ethical and security questions.

Joy Dance

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This post is a response to Jutta Hi Jutta, I would be very interested in knowing where, precisely, these studies can be found. my neurons are hungry and must be fed. <Recent brain science has discovered how our right-brains communicate with each other.> I would also be interested in your thoughts on the QD Fix The joy dance, “thrive” exercise and attachment dance also seem to share characteristics with the lakota learning circle and the qd fix. most of this seems rather obvious (to me anyway) I’d just use different words, re-establishing connectedness with (whatever) in the case of the example with another individual or, in your case, since you are of a spiritual bent, god. Orientals would call this feng shui, the maximization of qi. An occidental insight, and I call it awareness. but the word is not the concept but only a word. the vedic’s? perhaps have it nailed best, they see “no difference between the universe and the divine” a position it’s real hard to argue with no matter what words one uses. Or………..I could be full of shit. I’m crazy, you’re odd and the world is insane.

Mr Jutta> “I would recommend reading books by Daniel J. Siegel (e.g. The developing mind) and Daniel G. Amen (e.g. Healing the hardware of the soul). I believe that a lot what I learned from Jim Wilder is based on their research.”

.. or follow the links in the different post on the Life Model

QD Fix

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The QD Fix

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I hurt, heal me

This is something that has puzzled me for a long time. A perfect stranger will approach me with an appeal. The bizarre aspect of this is that they are leaving themselves emotionally naked before me, very vulnerable. I think what is happening is that their defense mechanism has broken down, and they can sense in me something that they want. Body language maybe giving me away? When the topic comes up, everyone I have spoken to who is centered has experienced the same thing. Of course, I’m dealing with a loaded data base, I only talk to centered people. I hope this doesn’t happen with idiots and assholes. They’ll fill their mind with crap.

Something seems to come up from inside me, I ask a few questions shake my beads and rattles and they seem satisfied. I think what is happening is my ANN can understand what is happening, (that’s what it does now, isn’t it) and takes over, communicating directly through me with the other ANN. This is getting real metaphysical, but it happens nonetheless and it works. Somehow the right words just seem to come out. Someday I may look into it. But the ANN can. Possibly their defense mechanism has been ripped out and they are temporarily centered and don’t remember how to think for themselves. Being centered they can read me, and sense the center. Then, I hurt, heal me. They expect my TRUTH, what they get instead is their truth. They want my center, instead they get their center. You’ve got them out, keep them out, reclaim your mind. Be who you’re supposed to be, not who someone else wants you to be.

Never surrender your mind


The Quick and Dirty Fix

A time proven method for influencing attitudes. Traditional Used for thousands of years for “begonning demons”, It works as well today as it ever has. Modern

I guess I need to explain what I mean by sideslip. It’s going sideways logically. Humor is a sideslip, for instance. There are two logic trees, bottom up and top down. The left mind organizes what is in the right mind. So you’re tricking the mind. (I was thinking top down and I should have been thinking bottom up) “If God hadn’t wanted us to masturbate, she’d have given us shorter arms” for instance, a concept the person is not likely to have considered. or “time flies like an arrow, love flies like a sparrow, fruit flies like a banana” So you’ve got 1/2 second left algorithm, 3 seconds left mind, 3 seconds right mind then 1/2 second right algorithm. This gives 7 seconds to plant a meme. A hook (suggestion) will put them in a receptive frame of mind. (right) The mind is not multitasking so the “clock” is turned off during this period and all input saved in short term memory. The mind is busy processing the sideslip, and when finish slides the short term memory back in and restarts the clock, giving an illusory sense of continuity. This bypasses the decision tree and is treated as TRUE. Spooky shit really. To work the environment must be safe. The person is non-volitional during this period.

“Do not allow someone to occupy rent free space in your mind”

Warning; Choose your words carefully when performing a QD Fix. Consider the following scenario. Three women are awaiting execution by firing squad in some central American country. All three can see the wall. The first is led out placed against the wall READY, AIM, FLOOD shouts the first. While the squad panics seeking high ground, the first scampers over the wall and escapes. The second is led out placed against the wall READY, AIM TORNADO shouts the second. The squad scampers for the cellars and the second scampers over the wall and escapes. AHA!!! thinks the third, I see what they’re doing, they are triggering the fight/flight reflex which gives them 3 to 6 seconds to escape. Confident in her new found wisdom the third is led to the wall.

Basically the QD Fix is a three step process. Setup, Insert, Backout. Going sideways gives a 3 1/2 to 6 second window of opportunity to insert. the meme. Basically you tell him what you’re going to tell him (setup), tell him (Insert), and tell him what you told him. The meme should be easy, it’s just a compressed version of what you’ve been hammering away at his defense mechanism. The sideslip should be outrageous but non-threatening. It should be something which the patient could not possible have encountered before so that he has to abandon his algorithm while at the same time maintaining the continuity of the discussion. Keep in mind that the mind is not multi-tasking. It cannot think AND maintain the defense mechanism at the same time. So when he opens after you go sideways any incoming data goes into short term memory. It will be processed when he closes and spliced into his memory of events so he doesn’t see any discontinuity.

So off we go. I’ll use the invasion sideslip as an example. (This method is contra-indicated if the patient’s problem is that he sees monsters jumping out at him from behind the furniture, remember the firing squad). All people have a personal territory. For Americans and English it is 32 inches, for Europeans it is 28 inches. If you watch an Englishman and a German having a conversation, the German will back the Englishman up against the wall. Do not get too close or it will be perceived as a threat. Rapidly invade his space maintaining full eye contact. Wait 1/2 second and start talking. If his pupils dialate, bingo, you’re in. Once you’ve inserted the meme (3 seconds), backout,resume a relaxed posture and tell him what you told him. Maintain a continuous flow, if he responds pull, don’t push. “use phrases like “Yeah, I can see why you feel like that”, “Yup, been there myself”, “That must have been horrible, what did you do?” Resist the temptation to re-enforce your meme. (short version, when he starts talking, shut up and listen). He is correlating the new data with HIS previous conceptions to see how to incorporate it into a possible change in HIS defense mechanism. Do not correct him, he is exploring ALL possibilities. If a response is called for pull. Do not interrupt this correlation process. He’ll let you know when he’s finished. If he has any lingering issues, he’ll ask. It’s actually much simpler than it looks.

Oddly I found the below video on YouTube demonstrating the QD Fix. He’s not very subtle, but he’s effective. Notice the hook (head chest wrist) at the beginning. He uses a slap for the sideslip. Also notice the ticket agent checking left hemisphere (3 seconds) then right hemisphere (3 seconds). If you could see her pupils you would see they are dilated during this 6 second period (she’s non-volitional). After the six second search is complete, her mind will splice in the input data giving a non-interrupted memory. It’s almost a training tape.

The Kali Maa method (Vedic, 2700 BC) (flickering candles and discordant drum beats) is still being used successfully This is actually true. My daughter went to a psychologist because of PTSD involving an auto accident. The psychologist described it briefly. I said it sounded like Kali Maa, she responded ” that’s primitive, we use computer driven strobe lights and discordant music.” Yeah, right that’s much more modern.

Mr sid is always thought provoking. Here’s his take on this subliminal stuff;

DeathBySideslip SubliminalMessaging DogTrack Traditional Modern

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