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Core Concepts 1

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Lexicon of the Psyche


Return to the minds

equates to

> subset of

<=> equivalent to

Outside the skull (input)

Great Mysterious ether, Big Hoochie Koochie, Cosmic standing wave, spacial sourcing primary?

Brain fart interface perceptual

Inside the skull >bHK


Right mind mythos, feminine, (time domain, vectors, tensors),[differentating] secondary?
Taoist brain fart [integrating]

Left Mind sound, time, color, motion (artifacts)

Logical > perceptual

Primary defense mechanism (bypasses algorithms)

Right mind logos, parallel, bottom up, constructionist, boolean

Left mind shortcuts, serial, top down, reductionist pathfinder? > tertiary?
Aristotelean brain fart [differentaiting]

Outside the skull (output)

Right mind art, music,

Left mind calculus>trigonometry>math>dimensioning (3rd, 4th,5th etc ‘iary etc)

This is the framework I have to fit every concept into. Because of imprinting I cannot conceptualize anything that I cannot fit into this framework. (the neurons no longer exist) In spite of it’s obvious limitations this framework is much more inclusive than most peoples. This is how my mind works. Each persons framework is unique (except for idiots who only have dogma to work with) The question in my mind is how many “free” neurons a person has left to accept “new” concepts. “use ’em or loose ’em”.  Although the brain looses 2/3 of it’s neruons, there is plenty of redundancy so that is not a factor. So whatever logic a person uses to get the “best answer to date” is right. The output of MY logic tree is “it ain’t real”

So in my view, the core belief “man belongs to earth, earth doesn’t belong to man” is tertiary, not secondary.

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