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“What would Charlie do?” – el Loco Gringo


Introducing the metaphorical Charlie Chimp. He is on the cusp of becoming human, living in a world full of new and dangerous things. Having recently abandoned his arboreal existence, he now wanders the savannas of Africa with his mate Polly Protohuman. The behavior patterns he learned in the jungle no longer are effective on the open savanna. “A-hah! He says, I’ll evolve an ANN that can control algorithms. That way I’ll be able to deal with these new threats in a timely manner”.

It is necessary to consider the anthropological origins of our behavior to understand why we behave as we do. After all, it is one thing to chuck rocks across a stream at a rival clan, it is quite another to chuck ICBMs across an ocean at a rival clan. Just as Charlie no longer lives in the jungle, we no longer live in the paleolithic. But we act as if we do. Heres a link to download naked ape. Still a good book.

So what happened? Our intrepid band of chimps has been time warped into the present, bringing their survival skills with them. It is no longer the paleolithic but it’s the same society. The alpha male has morphed into an ideology. The band has morphed into a hyper-tribe and the cohesion of the band has been lost. He no longer has a band to be loyal to. As he has evolved to live in a band of less than 150, the hyper-tribe is an abstraction. The lion has morphed into corporations to prey on him. He has evolved to be a slave. One thing that has not changed though, the hyper males that have taken over this system still get most of the poon-tang and bananas. As long as the hyper-males can keep the chimps fighting among themselves, this will continue.

ChimpWar AntWar

From the beginning of life to the paleolithic, there was only one way for an organism to experience the universe. That was in the frequency domain. In the frequency domain there is no color, there is no time, there is no sound. There is only vibrations and there is only now. These vibrations are rotational in nature with a beat of 8 and are negentropic. Howsoever, the hominid line developed/evolved/had created (whatever) a separate mind, (left hemisphere) separated from but interconnected and synergistic with the original mind. HUMANS HAVE TWO COGNITIVE MINDS. One operating in the frequency domain (right), the second using a reduced set of the frequency domain which we call the time domain (left). This reduced set gave humans an evolutionary edge over animals, But we have lost the ability to experience the world in the frequency domain, making it difficult to understand. Thus we are left with a quantification of an interpretation of a perception. No wonder, we’re measuring shadows with a rubber ruler. In other words, it ain’t real.

The concept of “two cognitative minds” seems to turn some people off, so I’ll try another analogy. How ’bout a dual core computer. One chip is programmed with a boolean network, the other with a binary network. Each performs different logical operations on the same input. The perception is interpreted with two logic trees and compared. This comparison yields an answer. Thus what appeared to be a convoluted logic tree turns out to be two chips, using two logic patterns performing very simple calculations, (to the individual chip) to yield a synergistic answer that seems akin to magic from the outside. (Yeah, I know two sentient computer chips sounds suspiciously like two cognitive minds. Can’t be helped. the further one gets from reality, the less reality there is.) The difficulty lies in being able to wrap your head around the dual nature of the mind(s). Once that is accepted, it really is just that simple.

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Dali time

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hi mr sid
Neuroscience is certainly on the right track, using bottom up, psychology to me borders on insanity ie the idea that you can reverse engineer something as indeterminate as the brain. each person is unique, and psychology sprinkles “pixie dust” on an emotional problem using counterfeit concepts like bipolar and psychosis to delude themselves in to believing they understand what is happening.

in re time, I have experience in geophysics and so am relating to it. whereas time as a left mind function which is an interpretation of the right mind perception of reality. If the analogy holds, the right mind operates in the frequency domain with reality being perceived as tensors (rotating vectors) twisting this tensor would give the tensor a phase shift which is interpreted as a situational time (how big is that lion) here i start speculating. if the analogy still holds the endoplasmic reticulator could provide the bias. (weighting) to account for the dilation and contraction of natural time. this then is the “hidden layer” spoken of in neuroscience.

the relationship of right/left mind correlates 100% with the frequency/time domains of seismic computing. (if you take quantification into consideration) I really believe a neuroscientist could learn a lot by talking to any geophysist. If they didn’t throw away phase shift (natural time), and used it instead of clocks (artificial time) the results would be much more accurate. But they confused artificial time for natural time. So the x/y graphic output would have an amplitude/phase axis instead of an amplitude/time axis.

Humans do the same thing.

I can’t speak to weighting (bias, endoplasmic reticulator) our computers didn’t deal in “maybe’s”

Marathon Man

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Ever wonder why our gluteous is so maximus? Damn, we’ve got a big butt don’t we? It turns out that it is only useful in running and rising from a squat. There have been a number of studies addressing this issue. Turns out a barefoot human in good shape can run about 20 miles on stored energy. By contrast a horse can run about 7. Seems a human can run a horse into the ground, if they leave their Nikes in the closet. Rising up from a squat would seem a useful adaptation in the savannah to spot predators and prey. It would also serve as a species marker, so we wouldn’t accidentally mate with a chimp. I’ve never heard of it (but then, that’s something you’d tend to keep to yourself isn’t it?)

Exactly, the built in logic flaw in the brain. This guy is smart. It took me years to see that.

the Obelisk

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Are we approaching Singularity?  Hmm!  I say we are approaching an awareness of singularity that has always been.  A re-folding of the “unfolding in the now” Martin Heidegger  The method espoused by various groups differs, but the central theme seems to be awareness.  A re-connection, not with the universe, but our awareness of the universe.  Method? Dunno.  But it’s gonna be a battle.  The hyper-males which have removed this connectedness are going to fight.  Every previous attempt at connectness has resulted in a collapse of civilization.

If this collapses again, here are some commandments for the survivors.  I reall this has happened once before, IE an obelisk was erected to remind descendents of what happened when a hunter gather society collapsed.  1 500BC – largest existing obelisk  In the wake of the last Ice Age the fertile savanna grasslands continued to dry out and receded to the large river plains of the Nile, Tigris and Euphrates, Indus, Ganges, Chang Jiang and Huang Ho. Following these receding grass plains were the herdsmen and their herds. Population density exploded along the fertile valleys resulting in armed conflict over available land.  Deja vu all over again  MathLab

Might this be the source of the “tower of babel” mentioned in Genesis?  “According to the biblical account, a united humanity of the generations following the Great Flood, speaking a single language and migrating from the east, came to the land of Shinar, where they resolved to build a city with a tower “with its top in the heavens” Time’s right, area’s right, situation’s right.  Could be.  Deja vu all over again.

StarTrek had a different vision of the singularity. The borg a hive mind in which all intelligence is subsumed into a Master mind, leaving the individual little more than a robot.  Not unlike today’s society.  “resistance is futile” again not unlike today’s society.

And then of course there’s 2001, the monolith of Space Odyssey fame.  A bit more benelovent that the other obelisks.  For it’s meaning check here.  Yu WILL be suprised.  The starchild represented enlightment and rebirth  again check here for meaning. This is an interesting site BTW.











The Outsider

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Walking among man, un-noticed are a different kind of people, People LR Davis calls the outsiders. They have their own lexicon, English has no words for their concepts. Maslow’s transcendent, Heyleighten’s super-gifted, Grof’s emergent. Closest is this for Highly Sensitive People.

We’ve learned Highly Sensitive People or HSP make up 15% to 20% of the population. Highly Sensitive People are also sometimes referred to as Ultra Sensitive People, Super Sensitive People, or People with “Overexcitabilities.” HSP’s nervous systems are different and are more sensitive to subtleties in their environment, which can be a good or bad thing. And because they process and reflect upon incoming information so deeply, they are more likely to become over stimulated and overwhelmed than Non-HSP.

The percentages are about right. There is also Hyper Sensitive People. Heileighn estimates the number at .047%. Ain’t many.

Another term I’ve heard in the east is Buddha Mind, kind of a naive wisdom. Also called manic/depressive by psychology. I call them normal.

Some of my shortcuts on the normal.

They are not threatened by new ideas. They will “honestly” evaluate a new concept applying appropriate logic to relevant facts.

They are cross disciplinary. IE a centered poet is fully capable of understanding the concept of a cosmic standing wave, and the importance of it without the need to go into physics or math.

They have an influence far out of proportion to their numbers. They are the “cooler heads that prevail” in decision making.

They have a sense of social responsibility. They understand that as “a rising tide raises all ships, a sinking ship drowns passengers and crew alike”. They can balance the needs of the individual with the needs of society.

They are complete and unique, in and by themselves, without the need for approval or validation.

They are capable of dealing with a concept on another’s terms. For instance, on reading your website, they can see the concept from your perspective.

They always do the right thing. Even when no one is watching.

Throughout history these people have been persecuted, either have a sharpened stake shoved up their ass, or burnt at the stake depending on whether they were classed as an infidel or a heritic. Nowadays they’re de-tenured or shot up with smarticide. Progress of a sort, I guess. But why is this happening? It is because they are a threat to the power structure. They have an insight that transcends ideology and are able to see the true nature of reality. They have a unique view of the world we live in, and are desperately needed. But they are so few, so very few.

Kumbaya? or Aquarius? Dunno

Or……..I could be full of shit, I am crazy don’t you know?

“Please don’t help me, I’ve done nothing wrong” – el Loco Gringo


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Back to Top/Down, Bottom/Up

DrB-07 The problem I have always had with communicating with un-centered people is that whenever the topic turned to soft subjects their thinking became silly, if not insane. Before I recently heard the terms reductionist and constructionist thinking I used the terms top down and bottom up thinking. Math, for instance, is hard. 2+3 = 5, always has, always will. If you are trying to understand a frog, you cut it up and try to understand the pieces. You are dealing with a known. Top down works great here. This only addresses the how. If on the other hand you want to know why, it is necessary to take a more holistic view. Consideration must be given to evolution, environment, ecosystem, niche, mating, food, sex, competition, dangers etc. Top down doesn’t address these issues. Bottom up works here.

In psychology, for instance, there is no frog to cut up. It is an unknown. There is no way you can know what combination of events has led to a particular behavior pattern. Each person is unique, with his own unique environment, hopes, religion, education, experience, dreams, triumphs, failures etc. It is not possible to determine which combination of events caused a particular behavior pattern. It is insane to try. Yet people do. This results in simple concepts exploding into byzantine labyrinths of illogic. Psychology with it’s id, ego, sub-conscious, psychosis’, neurosis’, and all kinds of weird concepts made up to give the illusion of understanding.

Take for instance centering. The concept is simple; “me”, That lone two letter word says all there is to know about centering in bottom up thinking. It is an identity. Integrally implied in the concept of the “me identity” is awareness of self, (I like me, I want to stay me, I don’t want to be anyone else) etc. Even the lowliest life form has a me. ie, Even bacteria are centered. Yet when top down thinking is applied to this concept it explodes into self worth, esteem, pride, moral compass, religion, ethics, philosophy, spirituality etc. which explodes into libraries full of self help books.

Back to the un-centered, their “me” has been displaced, overwritten, co-opted, whatever. It’s still there, always has been, always will be. To me, their mind has become “super tangled”. (If I understand your analogy correctly) They are, to me, insane. Their mind is working against itself. They are scary.

As to the project, oblique verbiage with a visual image should get it past the left hemisphere into the right hemisphere, bypassing the reductionist overlay. There are plenty of self help books, all good stuff, no point in regurgitating them. Assuming a 52 card deck, that’s 26 pages, (both sides) with a 4 page intro. That’s 30 pages for a p-book ($3) or free for an e-book. A physical deck is $13, free for virtual deck.

Fortunately, the mind is a simple thing conceptually, and bottom up thinking works well here.

There is a plethora of data out there, a cornucopia of riches that could solve most of the problems of mankind and allow him to reach his full potential. It just needs to be collated.

Consider the video below. The bacteria is centered. What else can you say? Why do you people make it so complicated?


Bonking Polly

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We often think that when we have completed our study of one we know all about two, because “two” is “one and one.” We forget that we still have to make a study of “and.” Arthur Eddington
in re your chapter, I’d like to look at the and. Your observations are valid, your conclusion is valid, your deductions are valid, but the “why” is a problem. You’re painting yourself in a corner.
We have two minds operating on 3 levels, perception/interpretation, logos/mythos and weighting.
Setting perception/interpretation aside for the moment I’ll look at the mythos side (bottom up) your abduction.
The right mind can be considered a primarily a input data collating device which keys on not inconsistencies, (if it hasn’t been hijacked) an AND boolean network with output of consistent, not consistent, inconsistent and not inconsistent. These are 4 seperate and distinct logic patterns. In english you would say best answer to date, this idea seems to work for the moment, could be and bullshit. The outputs may be contradictory or even mutually exclusive. The left mind “looks” at this output and picks the most likely. Weighting is a tie-breaker. (reticulum) To see this process in action picture charlie chimp in the paleolithic pondering whether to bonk polly protohuman. “the last time I bonked polly, how many times did the alpha male hit me and how hard?” based on this collated information the left mind can make a yes/no decision.
The left mind however is primarily a data discarding device, shitcanning redundant and irrelevant data. For instance on the perceptual level, you walk into your office look around and sit down. So you’ve seen it once, that’s all it takes if there are no inconsistencies. (a boa in your chair you might notice) from this point on no matter how many times you look around the room, you do not “see” it, but see the stored memory of the room. There is no need to process the visual information more than once. Been there, done that. Your line drawings of the logic tree are right, by the way. But they are inverted between top down and bottom up IE the output of the bottom tree “best answer to date” becomes the first hit on the top down tree.
You see Mr John, you only think you’re thinking. (usually) It takes 8 seconds to start thinking. What is actually happening is you are pulling up pre-collated concepts. The possibility of the thought has already been considered. If it hasn’t you get that “deer in the headlight” look. WTF? precludes pre-surmising.
If this hasn’t sent you screaming for the exit, here’s a link.