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Joy Dance

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This post is a response to Jutta Hi Jutta, I would be very interested in knowing where, precisely, these studies can be found. my neurons are hungry and must be fed. <Recent brain science has discovered how our right-brains communicate with each other.> I would also be interested in your thoughts on the QD Fix The joy dance, “thrive” exercise and attachment dance also seem to share characteristics with the lakota learning circle and the qd fix. most of this seems rather obvious (to me anyway) I’d just use different words, re-establishing connectedness with (whatever) in the case of the example with another individual or, in your case, since you are of a spiritual bent, god. Orientals would call this feng shui, the maximization of qi. An occidental insight, and I call it awareness. but the word is not the concept but only a word. the vedic’s? perhaps have it nailed best, they see “no difference between the universe and the divine” a position it’s real hard to argue with no matter what words one uses. Or………..I could be full of shit. I’m crazy, you’re odd and the world is insane.

Mr Jutta> “I would recommend reading books by Daniel J. Siegel (e.g. The developing mind) and Daniel G. Amen (e.g. Healing the hardware of the soul). I believe that a lot what I learned from Jim Wilder is based on their research.”

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