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“An animated image shows a collision between two subatomic particles embedded in our 3-D universe (or “brane”). The collision produces other particles, including a graviton that escapes from our brane into the extradimensional “bulk” that lies beyond.”

Found Here> Unexplained

This is what I’m talking about. The Aristotelian Brain Fart focuses attention on the sub-atomic particles. If, however, attention were focused on the “ripples” it wouldn’t be unexplained.

This has nothing to do with physics or math, but how the mind’s analyze problems.

That’s as succinct as I can get it.


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Do Over

“A scientist challenges God to a creation-of-life competition and then, like God, picks up some dirt to start his work. “Oh no,” says God. “Go get your own dirt.”

Reincarnation at it’s most basic level, is a scientific fact. The stars coalesce out of the primordial dust to form stars which collapse after their fuel is exausted to either explode spreading more primordial dust or turn into black holes which remanifest themselves as white holes (stars) somewhere else in the universe unfolding more dust from which we are made. This dust is God’s dirt, from which all is made. We are literally “star people” Every atom in our bodies comes from the interior of a star. So the idea of reincarnation is far from meta-physical bullshit. If the recursive and fractal (same thing, two different perspectives) nature of the universe, and everything for that matter, is taken into account, it is not inconsistent that at different scales this same cycling occurs. If we took a sidereal view of the universe we would see a flux of unfolding and refolding wave concentrations. Hmm! Not only could be, but probably true.

There are so many sites, and so well done that I can’t expand on them. So here’s a few

Souldipper LifeBlog Reincarnation ManyOne

Cosmic Screw

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My, this is interesting.   A view of the solar system with a solar perspective, as envisioned by Ptolemy in Almagest.  Wow! What happened, did the professor catch some poor student with his wife and give him this assignment?  Notice the retrograde  motion of venus and the speedup of mercury.  Looks good.  Ptolemy’s model was accurate, succinct, elegant, comprehensive, practical and wrong.The copernican view gave a more realistic view of the matter.  course, he’s wrong too.

What is really happening is closer to the above graphic, not orbits but spirals.  Notice the wobble in the suns motion.

Which is caused by the sun going above and below the galactic plane. This the world our minds are optimized for

This is the world we live in.

At the other end we have the molecule

Which is composed of atoms

Which really looks kinda like this

Which locks into a matrix like this, unfolding and refolding

to form a human female

Perceived as this

Twisted in the left mind to change from becoming to being

which is the real center of the copernican universe.  Gotta stick to what’s important and not get distracted by things like science and religion.

and, of course, They will continue interlocking to build up the atmosphere from which Mr Ted,s hurricane will form and eventually the universe.  To form the big hoochie koochie, the sum of all the little hoochie koochies.

Check that vortex link below.