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Death by side slip

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our culture is habituated to making deals with the devil. the power to live longer and more comfortably is being paid for by our children and grandchildren, … anthropocentrism rules, … we are not just giving up the first born, we are giving up any other creatures than ourselves..
its not a question of what a new technology will do for long term ‘humanity’, its a question of what it will do for those humans who have the money to buy it. ayn rand wouldn’t think twice if the quality-and-longevity-of-life technology dedicated to the few drained the global resources so as to, at the same time, lower the quality and longevity of life of the many.

re ‘side-slipping’.
when i am heavy into it, i can hardly remember my our history, my time based life story-line.
i think that’s what happens in dementia, … people go into side-slip mode and they lose their historical story-line.
i go back and forth but sometimes i wonder if ‘death-by-side-slipping’ is not possible, to become one with everything in a spatial sense and lose one’s historical story-line entirely.
it seems to me that inductive and deductive logic only pertain to the historical story-line, the apparent causal lineage.
relational logic doesn’t care about time, it only cares about spatial relations. after all, the world in terms of spatial relational dynamics is never-ending so why rush? if you happen to step in there one day and really chill out you may never come back and reclaim your historical story-line.

Hi Mr Ted
side slipping
Damn, you’re right. I’ve been aware of this for 50 years, and never thought to work the logic both ways. Dementia’s not the right word, but there isn’t one. Lost the time line? left mind went bye bye? logos fail? rufus may says lost the plot? top down fail?
That’s exactly what’s happening with a nervous breakdown, or whatever the psycho babble term du jure is.
the top down logic tree has been ripped out and the dendrites have to find new homes for recovery to occur.

As an aside, when Mr Ted made the observation about side-slip, I instantly SNAPed. The correlation had already been made but was determined by the left mind to not be relevant.