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“You can’t walk straight when the road bends”

what does it all mean? Waters of March

I was in Denver twice with the Air Force. Both times about 6 months. First times it’s the ’50’s. no problem. The next time was the beatniks. We used to call them bums, but somehow they got organized. “turn on, tune in, drop out” They weren’t for anything just against. Real gothic, without direction. Big on LSD, which made them think they were profound. This is one of the least annoying of the cacophanies they called music. They’d sit around the bistro’s listening to this stuff and you could watch their brains disintegrate real time.

Viewed retrospectively, there have always been counter-cultures, bohemians who felt “there’s gotta be a better way” and opted out of main stream insanity. It must be kept in mind that in any reading of any topic, history is unpredictable.

The term Gypsy is a pejoritive term for Egyptian, they also clicked the “opt out” button of society. Gypsy is as good a term as any to describe someone who has opted out of the system, the counter culture, those unwilling to be slaves. But a new parameter entered the mix. The Pill, which removed the baby making machine function from the woman, which was the underpinning of society. So something new is happening. Also the mood drug LSD came on the scene, which altered the operation of the mind, sometimes permanaently. The GypsyLore link describes the various traveling opt out cultures. SommersetGypsys GypsyLore

The term bohemian, of French origin, was first used in the English language in the nineteenth century[1] to describe the non-traditional lifestyles of marginalised and impoverished artists, writers, journalists, musicians, and actors in major European cities. Bohemians were associated with unorthodox or anti-establishment political or social viewpoints, which were often expressed through free love, frugality, and/or voluntary poverty.

Linguistic and genetic evidence indicates the Romanies originated from the Indian subcontinent, emigrating from India towards the northwest no earlier than the 11th century. This Romani proverb rings true in describing the anomie of man. “You can’t walk straight when the road bends”.

Romani Bohemian Gypsies

Anybody remember the Hare Krishna? The guys in safron robes, which wandered the streets banging their symbols to the acompanyment of a small drum, pushing their book for a buck? They even had kiosks at the airports, and malls. Often flanked by a counter counter culture stall manned by severe young men in suits with a “nuke the whales” logo. The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), also known as the Hare Krishna movement, is a Hindu Vaishnava religious organization.[1] It was founded in 1966 in New York City by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.[2] Its core beliefs are based on traditional Hindu scriptures such as the Śrīmad Bhāgavatam and the Bhagavad-gītā,[3] both of which, according to the traditional Hindu view, date back more than 5,000 years. Swayam

Which brings me to the second interregnum, the hippies. Turning everything on it’s head, and looking through the lens of history, the counter culture psyche has progressed from neurotic, through depression, and with the hippie movement are in the process of healing. LSD was a blind alley, but the pill gave the hippie movement teeth, the power to enter mainstream american thinking. Where is this heading? Interregnum or inner rectum? Dunno.

If you are confused by life, press the opt out button.  You may decide that Life is good.  How, exactly, does one go about straghtening out the road?


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My life is starting to spin out of control. I can see that I’ve been bouncing around the world impulsively seeking going whichever direction seemed the most fun. So I decided to be methodical about it. I chose Texas on a strictly rational basis, education, background, interests, abilities but perhaps the deciding factor was the song by Dean Martin – Houston

Well, that and a job offer that guaranteed extensive world wide travel.

Another choice was Alaska.

I regret not going to alaska but it was either that or Houston.

Hmm! I just noticed that my choices in direction in life have been dictated by whatever song was popular at the time. Better than most, I guess, just drifting. Like my elusive dream. What Carl Pekins doesn’t mention is that the “moving on” IS the dream. When you get bored, you’ve lost your dream. The wonder is gone. Life is to be savored, and not squandered on things like money, responsibility or career. These are only tools to be used to achieve your dream.

I even went to jackson, ms, didn’t like it though destination fail

Worked for my sister though, she met up with a Mississippi man. This was their song.

Got a job on the west side of Houston in Geophysics. Houston is huge, with a belt completely encircling it. These are can do people. If they take it in their mind to do something, don’t get in their way. You’ll get trampled. Everything’s big in Texas, winchester club and Gilley’s are two of the biggest honkey tonks I’ve ever seen. Valet parking. Check out the sign. What else could you possibly want? Houston has definitely got class, or maybe that’s crass. Urban cowboy was filmed at Gilleys. The clip shows the two step and even boot scootin. Everyplace I go seems to have a signature song. In Texas it’s Cotton Eye Joe

Line dancing is popular throughout Texas. This is pretty typical. notice the gal in the pink blouse. She’s wearing ostrich cowboy boots, they run $750 up. The guy is wearing a string tie, also typical. Square dancing is also popular. Cowboy boots, string ties and Resistol hats can be worn even with business suits (stetsons are passe). Half the pickups have a 30/30 on a gunrack in the back window. Lot’s of people carry guns, If someone robs a convenience store it’s a tossup whether he’ll get shot by the clerk or the cops get him. Sometimes they get away.

Couple of experiences. Once going to work I stopped to get some coffee. Had to get my heart pumping early in the morning. A man was at the register, a woman then me with my coffee. The man pulled a gun out of his pocket said, “give me your….then the woman had him up against the wall with a hogleg at the back of his skull. “you have the right etc. the clerk had a pistol out by this time and my coffee was on the ceiling. In another the girl scout den mother for my daughter was taking them to the park picknic area at night. I expressed my concern. “aren’t you worried?” “not with bill here” and she pulled a .44 mag out of her purse. Works for me. In another incident on the news was a story of someone who had killed several women at a maternity shop on the feeder road bordering the freeway. he was chasing a pregnant woman down the road. Someone shot him from a pickup on the freeway. Most of the commentary was on how excellent the marksman was. He dropped him from 200 yards through a chain link fence from a moving vehicle with a single head shot. The guy didn’t stop but went to a police station later where the cops fired a shot from his rifle gave him his gun back and told him to have a nice day. I frequently entertained foreign customers. One, from england, noticed a place called the Crystal Pistol on the way from the airport. He expressed an interest so I took him back over there after I checked him in. He commented on how calm it was. “Probably half these guys are carrying guns.” I replied. “oh….OH!, I see”


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P=password or protected

Temples Next


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Having the computer center on Serangoon Road had it’s advantages. Being on the second floor was kinda like being on a balcony in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. And the parade is much the same, except the Hindi women won’t show you their tits.

Thaipusam Durga killed the powerful demon Mahish and all his great commanders. Demonic forces are self-destructive but very powerful. Divine forces are constructive but slow and efficient. When demonic forces create imbalance, all gods unite, becoming one divine force called Shakti or Durga. Shakti’s one bad broad. Do not piss her off. Ran into her before as Kali Maa. In fact, don’t piss off any of the Hindi gods, they’re all in cahoots, and they’ll swarm on you like piranha the size of sharks. The more I look at the Hindi gods, the more I realize that they are just metaphorical explanations for what’s going on in the right mind, wrapped up in a bunch of mysticism. The same as any spiritual belief. It’s not dogma, however, like islam or christianity. The hindis that I know that practice christianity put jesus in the pantheon of hindi gods. Just one of the guys. Maitreya is his hindi name. That’s a buddist one on the right, I couldn’t find a hindi one with a black background. I’ve put some more below for your astonishment.

Hindus celebrate the Indian festival on the tenth month of their calendar. It coincides with the full moon at the end of January and beginning of February ‘Thai’. “Thai” is the Hindu month which falls between January 15 to February 15. “Pusam” refers to a star which is at its brightest during the period of this festival. Celebrated in all parts of the world where there is a concentration of South Indians.

This video shows the parade down serangoon road towards the Chetier Temple. (pronounced shittier) The first time I saw thaipusam, it blew me away. The pic to the left is the temple, the one to the right is detail. A bit grandious for my tastes, but, what the hell. The second time I went to the staging area where they did the piercing. The let me get right up close. Yup! they’re really doing it. The S’pore link below actually shows where the computer center was. 45 sec if you’re curious. second floor.

So what’s it all about? Basically about light. As opposed to dark. The word means an array of lights. This particular belief came down to us from the dark ages and celebrates the coming of light at the end of the artic winter, ending 6 months of dark. A 10,000 year old belief system. (at least) Betcha you didn’t know that..

Deepavali SAI Durga Tawau KaliMaa Christ/Krishna HindiJesus KashmiriJesus Trance VelMuruga S’pore

blind spot

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Blind Spot

The human eye has a blind spot where the optic nerve goes back into your brain. You normally don’t notice it because your other eye and brain compensate to fill in the missing information. The brain can also be confused by the above image. It is static, but your brain interprets it as moving. ScotomaIn like manner the mind has a logical blind spot. You can be looking right at something and not see it. And like the optical blind spot the minds “fill in the blanks” so that the picture seems complete. Everyone has these “blind spots”, depends on imprinting. A person with an aboriginal world view will have a blind spot  in conceptualizing my european worldview. My blind spot is in conceptualizing the aboriginal world view. The crucial point is that I know I have this blind spot, he doesn’t.  OrangesVerbese essays with myriad authorative quotes only obfuscate the issue. The issue being that the mind’s logical processes are fundamentally flawed. It is crucial that homo sapiens understand this or we will become homo extinctus. There is, however, one blind spot I do NOT have. One that afflicts 99.953% of the population. (heyleighn estimate) This blindspot is the failure to recognize the slogan on the top of the page. i.e. the overwhelming majority of people think and act as if there were a single cognitive operation going on inside the skull, convoluted, contradictory, complex and twisted. Ain’t so. There are two relative simple processes going on. I have met 3 in my lifetime. I know of a few others. Plato was one. A credible contemporary one is Jill Bolte Taylor. Be sure to watch “stroke of insight” at the bottom ChrysalisThese people must be found, nurtured and protected. Their insight is desperately needed. This is the most important issue facing mankind today. And I don’t know what to do about it. There’s things we know

Things we know we don’t know

Things we don’t know we don’t know

And things we know that ain’t so

That last one will bite you in the ass

‘Merica Mall

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The Mall

You can’t go home. Not that there’s anything to prevent it. Home isn’t there anymore. It’s memories only. It’s up in smoke. Things used to be different. In so many ways. People now are shallow, the government is a pervasive amorphous entity, arrogant and indifferent, pompous in their idiocy. Corruption is rampant. Incompetence is pervasive. Mediocracy is the new norm.

Take power hookup for instance. I’ve had a lot of occasion to do power hookups world wide. Typically I’d call the power company, or have someone else call if I couldn’t speak the language and say “I need a 500 amp 3 phase hookup at (wherever)” “OK, put an X on the wall where you want the junction box and we’ll have someone out this afternoon” by the end of the day, it’d be done. Now, it’s 6 to 8 months with inspections, permits, liscences, walkthroughs all involving extra cost and time. And they’re arrogant, act like they’re doing you a favor if they make an appointment in 6 weeks to determine if they’ll let you fill out the paperwork for a permit. This is outrageous, I’ve had better service in borneo. There it took 3 weeks to string the power lines through the jungle from the nearest town to the site. Granted they didn’t have to put up poles, they just used existing trees. But I was impressed nonetheless.

Or take self similiarity. The ‘Merica Mall is taking over the world. Nairobi used to be different, not just in itself, but different from Topeka. Now you fly into the airport, go down the air conditioned chute to the terminal,catch the minibus to the Mariott, watch the steelers game on tv, maybe go out later for a burger at McDonalds, grab a latte at starbucks to finish off. What is unseen is the locals who were forced off their subsistence farming and are starving to support this lifestyle.

Take culture, local cultures which lived, for the most part in a self sustaining symbionic relationship with the environment are being killed off, literally. They now work at the mega-farms, their land being confiscated, if they’re lucky. The unlucky starve. The lucky get strip searched on leaving work to see if they’ve got an avacado shoved up their ass to feed the family.

Take the environment, Cod (it means scrotum by the way) has been a mainstay for food in the north atlantic for millenia. The new floating fisheries have stripmined the north atlantic and destroyed the eco-system. They ain’t NEVER coming back. Fish and chip venders are now using toothfish from New Zealand. And now they’re endangered. Agricultural runoff has destroyed the estuaries in the Gulf of Mexico, so that now the US imports most of it’s seafood. The arabs, with their insane “scorched earth” warfare has turned north africa and the mid-east into a desert.

so, if I can’t go home, where do I go? Don’t matter one place is the other.

Bugis Street

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Bugis (pronounced Boogie) If I haven’t mentioned it before, Singapore is the sexchange capital of the world. Shemales, guy gals, lady boys, china girls all hung in Bugis St. That guy above is a shemale, i.e. sex change operation to make him female, a guy gal is just a crossdresser, a lady boy still has his package (bottom), barbie boys, tgirls, trannies and so on. Even some women down there. There was a movie, imaginatively called Bugis Street. That was taken on bugis street. Here’s a clip. leave a comment and I’ll send you a link for the whole movie. This is odd in that Singapore is a prudish place, but the’yre amused by this. They’ve put a shopping center there now, with a tube station. Trendy place to shop. The trannies are hanging out at the shaw house now. is a sexually explicit Hong Kong-Singapore co-production set in the real Bugis Street, and focuses on the lives of Singaporean transvestites in a bygone era. It was a minor hit at the box office with an R(A) (Restricted (Artistic)) rating and full-frontal nudity.

The film’s nostalgic evocation of a seedy but colourful aspect of Singaporean culture (prior to the redevelopment of Bugis Street into a modern shopping district and the eradication of transvestite activities in the area), are celebrated by evocative cinematography, realistic-looking locations and studio sets, and ‘camp’ dialogue, appropriate to the era portrayed[7]

The movie featured several monologues from genuine drag queens and transwomen who had lived in the area.[8] Bugis Street was world renowned from the 1950s to 1980s for its gathering of transwomen and was set during this period.

Synopsis: Innocent and naive, the 17-year-old Lian is a maid to a rich family in Malaysia, whose sheltered existence is shattered when she is sent to work at a small hotel near Bugis Street in neighbouring Singapore. Having to live with the transvestites and transexuals who make her living on the streets, Lian soon learns about another side of life

The fleet’s in town, let’s watch the movie

Bugis Street LGBT Banyanman