My minds work differently from those of other people’s. One could say I have a closer rapport with my sub-conscious. Most have no rapport. Most that do, hide it. With this rapport comes an exagerrated sense of body language, which enables me to “read” people, which is why I can say that most people have no rapport with their subconscious. To me, they are half-witted, literally. Mentally mutilated. I do not think of myself as smarter, but them as dumber. All of the centered I speak to are of the same opinion.

About 15 years ago I began taking atenolol for a heart condition. One of the known side effects of this drug is lucid dreaming. That’s not really what’s happening. The drug allows us to remember the lucid dreams that were always there. (follow the link) I have posted the first 50 or so of these dreams in a seperate blog AtenololDreams if you’re curious.

One of the main characters in these dreams is Ann (ANN?), the only character (besides myself) who is aware that it is a dream. We speak of many things, Ann and I. In one dream I recall a conversation about the “self'”. I said “I think, therefore I am” she replied “No, I think, therefore you are”

Hmm! So where am I going with this? I am of the opinion that the brain is entirely too simple a mechanism for thought to originate in it, and that it is an organ which was created/evolved/unfolded that concentrates the consciousness that was always there.

We only think we’re thinking.

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