Trojan Fairy



Why are people dumb? The first sentence I wrote in an attempt to explain how the mind works is “When considering what is happening in the mind, it is necessary to consider everything that is happening to the mind which is everything.” ANN Why is this not obvious? Why is this not obvious at every level of cognition? At every scale? On any topic. What is it with this PTIB syndrome mankind seems to be afflicted with?

I had intended to write this post about what is wrong with the way the 3 body problem question is asked. Consider the first hit I got, a paper by Poli on analysis-systhesis. He’s right by times and wrong by times, but that is not the focus of my attention. He is analyzing synthesis. He complains of the inadequacy of analysis then IMMEDIATELY begins taking apart the put together thingie. How bizzarre, it borders on insanity.  What is wrong with cognition?  Half the world can’t analyze, half the world can’t synthesize and half the world can’t do either.

Using his words, the left mind is an analysis machine, the right mind is a synthesis machine both used to make sense of reality, whatever that reality may be at the moment. Reality and only reality is real.

Scientists talk of quantum mechanics and yoga speaks of nirvana. Both think they are talking of reality, they are not! they are talking of analysis and synthesis. Plato had it right, logos and mythos are our way of evaluating the aether. Logos and mythos are intrinsic, the aether is extrinsic. What else needs to be said? What is so friggin complicated? This is baby talk.

As to the three body problem. It can’t be solved by analysis. Well, OK, use synthesis. How? Dunno. I prefer to leave math and physics to people who are interested in such things.

Or………..blame the trojan fairy.

I despair


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