In the beginning god created the heavens and the earth and it was without form.

well, OK, that’s a top concept, how about this

In the beginning the heavens and earth were without form and set about creating god.

How odd! What a peculiar way to look at it. Not really, only if you’re western. To an oriental the first view is peculiar. To a hindu the two views are equivelant. Notice I am talking about not inconsitancies. I did not say that an oriental would agree with the second view, only that he would disagree with the first. A hindu would disagree with both. Notice also that I am not talking about god but about thinking about god. This is all inside the skull.

OK, let’s see where we go with this. Staying in the time domain, “let there be light” , swaping to the frequency domain, something “out there” happened which caused a phase shift in the frequency domain in the right mind. There is an inconsistency in the “without form” “out there” Time happened. “and the light was separated from the dark, and it was good.”

The second view would lead to the conclusion that god IS the cumulative summation of all the “somethings” But, and this is a really big but, time is an artifact, our way of making sense of motion. Only a subset of the frequency domain in the right mind which is a subset of “what’s out there” So when all of this is refolded, GOD, just is and both views are valid. So what is GOD? dunno. but god is (should be) in the right mind and religion is (may be) in the left mind.

Or………………., I could be full of shit, I am crazy don’t you know?

2 Responses to “genesis”

  1. it is not ‘time’ alone is an artefact of how we make sense of motion, it is trio of ‘absolute space’ (a fixed container of infinite extent), absolute form (a fixed local identity signalled by a word/name like ‘earth’ or ‘walt’) and absolute time. together, these give us ‘see walt move from here to there in space’.

    according to the blind man’s experience, the wind is one thing. we are always included in it and where it is too turbulent we seek shelter and where it is calm, we can come out from our shelter. our behaviour is orchestrated by the wind. but thanks to absolute form and absolute space and absolute time, we can invert the way things unfold and credit the movement as originating in the local interior of the local, absolute form.

    in the beginning, the world was a dynamic form-full oneness wherein motion was spatial-relational. form was motion and motion was spatial relational becoming in a fluid dynamical sense. the blind man knelt before the still pond and saw darkness as usual, he reached down into the water and the water opened up for the entry of his fingers but at the same time exerted pressure and buoyancy that tried to pop his hands back out. when he disturbed the water, the water disturbed others in the pond. the wind and water mediated movement within them.

    the seeing man looked down into the pond and saw ‘his own form’, … at least an ‘image’ of what he thought was ‘his form’. when he moved right, the form moved right, when he moved left, the form moved left. this form moved whenever he wanted it to and it stayed still when he wanted it to. it behaved according to his will. this form, he reasoned, was an image of ‘himself’.

    in the dark of the night, he was like his blind brother, his senses informing him of his inclusion in the wind that was always there, which organized his behaviour. now, light and vision that allowed him to get outside of himself and observe himself somehow liberated him from the organizing influences of the space that included him. as he focused on his own image, he could see that he was the originator of his own movements.

    this understanding that he was ‘self-actualizing’ made him feel very powerful and free, as if he was in command of nature and, by exercising his free will and directing himself by his own purpose, he could go over, on his own whim, and tear several seedling trees out of the ground and nothing could stop him, because he was his own man with his own behaviour.

    without light and vision, he could not have understood motion in terms of action-at-a-distance, the action of moving forms. he would have been in the mole-like situation of his blind brother, understanding motion in the relative sense of feeling inclusion in the wind and the elements, of tunneling one’s way forward like an amoeba in watery flow or like a hurricane in the flow of the atmosphere. light and vision allowed him to understand motion, including his own, as action at a distance, the movement of forms like his own, on their own initiative and under their own power. the world was indeed a stage for such local, internally animated forms like himself to strut their stuff.

    heaven forbid that he too had been condemned to live in eternal darkness like his brother, where the action-at-a-distance of local self-actualized forms interacting on a world stage was inaccessible and reality was thus reduced to feelings of inclusion within the spatial flow of the elements. never would he have the sense of time that arose from the distinguishing of light from dark which, a power that was only taken from him nightly and this punctuated disempowerment, gave him the sense of the passage of time.

    he watched his blind brother playing with blind schoolmates in the pond. when one of them disturbed their common watery environment, all were affected and they knew this and let it organize their play. this was their limited reality, that they all shared inclusion in a common mediating space. none of the cast of self-actualized flamboyant forms that interacted on the world stage was directly accessible to their awareness.

    the light that reflected from the features in the world flow and liberated them from their spatial-relational inclusion, the greatest of all senses; i.e. the sense that allowed us to think of ourselves as disincluded local beings with our own locally originating self-actualized behaviour, liberating us from the blind-man’s reliance on his senses of situational spatial inclusion. filled with our own intellection and purpose to direct our behaviour, we no longer need to let the spatial dynamics we are included in orchestrate/organize our behaviour, like the amoeba in a watery flow. unlike a fluid medium, light informs us without substance of its own, by reflecting form back to us, from a distance, without dependence on a common including medium, at least the liberated images of the forms do not depend on any common including medium. therein lies the magic of liberation of forms from the flow that the blind man will never realize, except through the learning of language where the liberated forms acquire their local independent being and locally originating behaivour by being rendered in word-labels and definitions.

    light, vision and language allow us to liberate forms from the inclusional medium of flow so that we can understand them, and ourselves, as local objects with their/our own local behaviour.

    this ‘reality’, the reality of ‘enlightenment’ that comes from light, vision and language, allows us to break free of the reality of blind gropers with its encumberment of our being held captive as inclusions within a common fluid-dynamical continuum.

    * * *

  2. ellocogringo Says:

    Wow. how poetic. but yes. the analogy kinda falls apart after light (time) vision (color) and and harmonics (sound) seems to be built into the system while language (words) counting (numbers) and blinders (worldview) seem to the result of imprinting which can enhance or inhibit our ability to think for ourselves. But, enumerating the ways to be dumb is like counting how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. There’s a bunch is a sufficient number for me. I am much more interested in how to be smart. As Mr Kirby said, how to we get to this state of “centered with both pipelines going”?

    I’m still looking at that chaco spirals thing. there’s a lot of non-incosistencies I need to check out. i may not succeed. there are only 7 documents left, the rest being destroyed by conquistodores as heathen. Piss me off. How did eLG know to point me to duodecimal (dozenal) counting? mesoamerican and i suspect all amerind, counted in dozenal, and still do in some latin american countries. this ties in somehow.

    Malays do too, I think, I saw Ah So do this when I was in s’pore. i wish i’d have thought to ask her. the chinese would do something similar, they called it cluster math. it was decimal however.

    still cooking on the back burner

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