The Feminine god

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“The Gaia hypothesis is an ecological hypothesis proposing that the biosphere and the physical components of the Earth (atmosphere, cryosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere) are closely integrated to form a complex interacting system that maintains the climatic and biogeochemical conditions on Earth in a preferred homeostasis.”– Wikipedia This seems to be very similar to the Aboriginal world view. Ie man is an integral part of the world. Gaia’s Laughter

“Mother Nature can provide man’s needs, but not all man’s wants” – el Loco Gringo

The first council of Nicea AD 325, in an effort to expunge all feminity from christianity replaced father, son and shakinah with father, son and holy ghost. Shakinah was the feminine side of god. Analysis testing of “the last supper” by da Vinci reveals that a female figure was painted over, speculation was that it was Mary Magdelen. Just to Jesus’s right (that’s the guy in the red dress. Below) Also expunged was Book of Mary I and II. The wife’s vow, “to love, honor, and cherish” was replaced with, “to love, honor and obey.” The translation involved in the original ceremony was inaccurate. Thus the western world was left with all power and no finesse.

And then there is Azna. Mother God is the emotion. She can move, nurture, intervene and interfere. The relationship between Azna and earth is especially close. She is the harmonizer, the active helper and keeper of life. Her dominion is all living things on earth, from which the cherished image of Mother Nature was inspired. She’s been called the Lady of Lotus by Buddhists, as well as Ashara, Theodora, Sophie and Isis in faiths and cultures throughout the world for centuries upon centuries. Without the all-knowing, all-perfect intellect of Father God (om), we would be pure emotion. Without Azna, we would be pure intellect.

“A deep reverence for Mother Earth lies at the heart of the beliefs and traditions of the native nations of North America. Whether for inhabitants of lush, fertile lands, arid desert, ocean shores, or the harsh subartic, nature is the peoples’ bountiful provider, and earth the sustainer of life. As seen in the lifeways of ancient hunter-gatherers, trappers, and fishers through centuries of adaptation to new circumstances, homelands, and techniques, a profound respect for earth’s fellow-creatures – both philosophical and practical – permeates Native American society.” – Searching Eagle

YawarMayu Mother DreamCatcher

I have heard the Aboriginal worldview described as Circular. Circular reasoning is an attempt to support a statement by simply repeating the statement in different or stronger terms. In this fallacy, the reason given is nothing more than a restatement of the conclusion that poses as the reason for the conclusion.I don’t see it that way, I see it as “wheels within wheels” and not even “what goes around comes around” but “what goes around comes around goes around etc”. For instance the Mayan 260 day calendar would seem to make no sense unless one considers that the gestation period is 260 days. Thus if a woman conceived on Tzolkin 10 she could expect the birth on Tzolkin 10, As this was synchronized with the Haab (365 day calendar) no calculation was needed

In keeping with Mr. Ted’s suggestion of using “whorls within whorls” rather than “wheels within wheels” I went looking again for cymatics. Even closer to reality however is “waves within waves”

These are some really cool videos. Highly idealized though. It is amazing what emotions can be evoked with such primitave instuments as the flute, the drum and the Moog synthesizer.

Click on the description below the videos.

CoolLove Gaia YawarMayu Mother DreamCatcher WolfSong MotherEarth


Mother I feel you

Mother I feel you under my feet: Mother I hear your heart beat. (2x)

Hey ya hey ya, hey ya hey ya, hey ya hey ho! Hey ya hey ya, hey ya hey ya, hey ya hey hoooo… (2x)

Mother I hear you in the river’s song: Eternal waters flowing on and on (2x)

Hey ya hey ya, hey ya hey ya, hey ya hey ho! Hey ya hey ya, hey ya hey ya, hey ya hey hoooo… (2x)

Father I see you when the eagle flies: Flight of the Spirit’s gonna take us higher (2x)

Hey ya hey ya, hey ya hey ya, hey ya hey ho! Hey ya hey ya, hey ya hey ya, hey ya hey hoooo… (2x)

Mother I feel you under my feet: Mother I hear your heart beat (5x) Translate lyrics

6 Responses to “The Feminine god”

  1. hmmmm, … very nice presentation, … kind of uplifting and giving a sense of re-manifest respect for the feminine which has indeed been ‘painted over’ and made invisible in our western culture.

    i don’t know about ‘wheels within wheels’ which seems to elicit material-mechanics but ‘whorls within whorls’ would seem more in tune with the ‘fluidity’ of the world dynamic, and also with ‘field dynamics’ in physic wherein we assume that space, rather than being ‘empty’ is a resonant-energy-charged field-flow which is in a condition of continual spatial-relational transformation.

    there are no persisting ‘things’ in such a space, only flow-features as in ‘whorls within whorls’ as in the fluid dynamics we are familiar with, wherein hurricanes spawn tornadoes and the gulf stream spawns a circulating ‘counter-current’ wherever it passes by a point of land and so on with the viscous fluid dynamics that underly the continuous emergence of new lithic material on the earth’s surface; i.e. there is only ‘becoming’ in the most basic aspect of world dynamics, and no ‘being’. ‘local existence’ is something one would have to invent and superimpose it over a persisting flow-feature.

    the ‘devil’s hole’ is a name given to the hungry vortex, the continually-filling (she hungers where most she is satisfied) opening in a fast moving ice covered stream that always remains open in the winter. to slip on the ice and slide into the devil’s hole is to disappear forever in the whorl that recycles and recycles.

    ‘language’ is a tool that we use to artificially endow flow-features with ‘being’. we invent a word, apply it to the flow-feature, and define the flow feature as if it were a local object/organism/system. every definition, as john stuart mill observed, implies an axiom, that in which we affirm the existence of the object (organism, system) defined.

    this is where ‘being’ or ‘local existence’ is born. we invent it by way of language coupled with visual images. visual images appear to imply local objects (closed forms) and to accompany the images we have the abstract mathematical notion of ‘invariable solids of geometry’. so, we really have three ‘tools’ which we can use in combination to ‘create local material being’. of course, once we do this, we still don’t have a full working system with which to re-render the world dynamic as we experience it. some of our ‘local objects’ just sit there like the airflow between storm-cells; i.e. our attention focuses on the apparent ‘path’ of the storm-cells making it appear as if the spatial dynamic is split into active and passive parts. after we split things out of the unbounded flow using language, visual-image forming and geometry, we end with two categories of ‘local beings’ which we are forced to impose different definitions on; .i.e. ‘inanimate local beings’ (inorganic matter) and ‘animate local beings’ (living organisms).

    all of this is our creation by breaking down ‘becoming’ into ‘local beings’ insulated by a notional ‘empty passive space’ (Euclidian space). we are no longer ‘in kansas’, toto.

    of course, we need to invent the rest of the system; e.g. one can’t have local, independently existing objects notionally equipped with their own locally originating behaviours unless we impute something inside of them to be driving them and directing them. to make repairs and fill in these blanks that have arisen from inventing their ‘local being’, we invent local internal biochemical processes as the internal drive-power and we invent the notions of ‘knowledge’, ‘purpose’ and ‘instinct’ along with an internal central processing unit (the ‘brain’) to serve as a ‘central regulatory authority’ that directs the behaviour of these notionally ‘local independently existing organisms with their own local internally driven and directed behaviours’ that act/interact within an absolute fixed and empty space; i.e. the local bits of being are each surrounded by an insulating vacuum.

    this provides us with an entirely re-rendered world dynamic, a world dynamic that is no longer a ceaselessly innovative resonant energy charged spatial unfolding (a ‘becoming’ that is spatial-relational that is filled with blossoming flow-features but is without ‘local being’)

    clearly, what we have done is to remove the female aspect, and decree that it shall henceforth be ‘nothing’, a passive and non-participating ‘vacuum’, and that all of the world dynamic will be due to the actions of local beings, assertive causal agents, the male aspect that ‘makes things happen’.

    from the matriarchal culture of the aboriginals, we shift to the patriarchal culture of western christianity, islam, judaism. which now dominates in the world.

    how well does this world of local beings immersed in an insulating vacuum work for us?

    well, we have this problem in that in the natural world of becoming, Mach’s principle applies which can be expressed; ‘The dynamics of the habitat [the full resonant-energy-charged spatial-relational unfolding] condition the dynamics of the inhabitants [unfolding flow-features] at the same time as the dynamics of the inhabitants are conditioning the dynamics of the habitat.’.

    if the space between the storm-cells were truly passive so that we could describe dynamics as being fully attributable to first-cause origination within the storm-cells, then the storm-cells would be the movers and shakers that fully determined the results of all their dynamics, and we could predict what these results would be and we could associate particular results with particular storm-cells seen as ‘causal agents’. but, of course, if the storm-cells are the result of the passive-looking flow they are included in, things are going to work out very differently since the storm-cells (inhabitants) will be conditioning the parenting space (habitat) at the same time as their behaviour is being conditioned by the parenting space.

    and, of course, this is what our global society is experiencing, but our modeling in terms of ‘local material beings’ is woven into the fabric of our western culture and we have ensured, for generations, that our children are imprinted at an early age with these notions. furthermore, the problem is not with these notions, but in confusing these notions for reality.

    this is howard zinn’s point in ‘A People’s History of the United States’, that the common brand of ‘history’ corresponds to the ‘memory’ of the state (the imaginary line bounded local being that exists thanks only to ‘common belief’ on the part of advocates for the existence of that state) is in terms of the patriarchal executive actions (the actions of the ‘executioners’ as he puts it). this sort of memory fails to acknowledge the contribution of the ‘victims’, the people who were exterminated (indians) and the slaves whose lives were consumed to stoke the engines of the executives of the state.

    this is the problem with a world view based on ‘what things do’. there is no acknowledging of the female which is the mother source of all of these male executive agents and the empowerer of what they do. the local organism is like a sailboat; i.e. it derives its form, its power-drive and its steerage/direction from the fluid dynamic it is included in. but we instead characterize it like a powerboat, starting our inquiry into it ‘locally’ as if it were a local system in its own right and imputing to it its own onboard source of power and direction. the executives directing the power-boat will crush all opposition and consume people like slaves to stoke their engines and then they will record the journey in terms of the achievements of the state (the executive achievements) with a mere footnote to the dead slaves whose energies were consumed and the dead indians whose lands and resources were seized.

    there are two compounding errors here; (a) the fake notion of a local entity that is capable of doing its own thing (male-ness), and (b) the attributing of the unfolding condition of space to the actions of fake local entities. the male storm-cell is aroused by the female aspect that permeates the flow, it is not born into a vacuum. the flow of nature is permeated with a balance-seeking ethic and the gathering features gather in the service of cultivating balance in the continual spatial-relational unfolding (this is simply a description of a fluid-dynamic or a field-flow). to impute ‘local being in its own independent right’ to the storm-cell may be a nice fit with western language, western visual image emphasis and western rationality (e.g. let’s call this flow-feature ‘katrina’ and personify it as if ‘it’ were a local being that was strengthening and moving north etc.), but it is not to be confused for reality.

    western man came up with some clever tools for re-rendering the world dynamic in a simplistic manner that facilitated sharing of experiences and ideas. this simplistic re-rendering used the notion of ‘local material being’ to get rid of the female aspect and go solely with male assertive causal actions, as if space (the female parenting medium) were a vacuum. this simplistic reduction of dynamics is a ‘thinking tool’ that would have us see dynamics in terms of how things are made to happen from scratch. that is how we have been using it; i.e. to ‘make things happen’ and ‘get things done’ as if space really were a vacuum, which it decidedly is not. so we are bumping into Mach’s principle, which, like the aboriginal understanding, says that ‘man belongs to earth, the earth does not belong to man’, … or, ‘the inhabitant is included the habitat’ in the manner the storm-cell is included in the flow, the habitat is not constructed by the inhabitants’.

    • ellocogringo Says:

      Yup. Not bad for shortcut thinking, huh? actually I wanted to use vortices within vortices but I couldn’t find a gif file. One thing that disturbed me about chief Dan George is that he said “we will adopt the white mans ways and excel”. I would have preferred “build on” I’m looking for the words to “Mother, I feel you” any ideas? I have had no education in this matter so I feel free to speculate. However, I am curious. (my neurons are hungry, they must be fed). Any input is welcome. Damn spell checker keeps “correcting” “Feminine god” to “feminine God” Pisses me off, I meant what I typed

      later walt

  2. hi walt,

    maybe there are some gif files out there of ‘cymatics’ wherein fluids respond to their own resonances

    chief dan george was probably speaking about his people picking up the white man’s tookkit without confusing it for reality.

    for ‘mother, i feel you’, check out the sounds and shapes of the magnetic fluid dynamics in the above URL, the part where the fluid body seems to be hovering over and delivering itself.


    • ellocogringo Says:

      Yup, cymatics did it. even closer however is “waves within waves” I’m sure you’re right, my interpretation doesn’t fit in with the rest of his writing. We need a world view that is primarily sailboat with the ability to kick in the outboard when needed. ” if the plane’s flying backwards, reverse the pitch of the prop” While western civilization seems to be all power with no finesse, the aboriginal view seems to be all finesse with no power. Maybe start an aboriginal zen. (a real man doesn’t do yoga) Dynamite video. I can’t even begin to wrap my head around what’s really happening. Maybe you can, but I can’t walt

  3. ellocogringo Says:

    DrB 05/07/10


    Putting god into a top down logic tree.

    We have two cognitive minds each with it’s own logic and perceptual processing, synchronous and modulated by intensity. (weighting)

    Let’s take perceptual. The universe is of a wave nature with a beat of eight and is negentropic. But this is outside the skull. We’ll call this the BIG HOOCHIE KOOCHIE (reality). This is perceived inside the skull by the right mind as the big hoochie koochie. (frequency domain, vectors) which is in turn interpreted by the left mind (time domain, sound, color, time) but the big hoochie koochie is not the BIG HOOCHIE KOOCHIE only our perception of it. Time, sound and color do not, in fact, exist outside the skull. Handled by the axion network.

    Now lets take logical. Outside the skull is TRUTH, inside the skull is truth. (our perception of the TRUTH) Handled by the dendrite network. Enhanced and limited by the world view (imprinting) and what we learn that is not inconsistent with the world view.

    Let’s go to a neutral corner and consider the tao world view for instance. Yin is the right minds perception of the universe. (female, finesse) Yang is the left mind’s perception of the universe (male, power). However yin and yang are entirely inside the skull. In reality this duality does not exist in the universe, the universe just is. Yin and yang are just two ways of looking at the universe. Right mind, left mind. Keep in mind that when the neuron fires, both the axon and the dendrite network are triggered. Keeping the processing in sync. Modulated by the reticulator.

    This is how the mind works. Always. The logic is exactly the same in a hardware sense but the wetware can change depending on culture, society, environment etc. The process with which concepts are processed is identical, but the wetware can yield a different result.

    Now we’ll come out of the neutral corner and zoom in on the process. Try to get a sidereal view of what’s happening. Let’s say there is a god. Outside the skull is GOD, inside the skull GOD is perceived as god (right mind) and interpreted as religion (left mind). But god is not GOD, only our perception of GOD. Religious imprinting has shut down our perception of god and replaced it with our interpretation of god (IE religion) Thus we have lost the “wonder” of the glory of GOD and are left with only a sterile interpretation of god. god is the inner child, the mother earth which has been suppressed by de-feminization of religion. Thus the concept of religion must fit within the framework of god, not the other way around. God is not obligated to adhere to the precepts of religion. The reverse IS true. In our western society the preacher is dictating the rules GOD must adhere to. Can’t anybody else see how insane this is? So yes, DrB, religion killed god (but not GOD) We no longer are aware of our integral place in the universe. This is the “hole in the soul”. Do not interpret what I am saying as an indictment of religion. Religion is fine as long as it is understood that it is a sub-set of God. Special warning, do not turn your back on someone who says he understands god.

    So our perception of the universe says more about how the mind works than how the universe works. ANY bipolar philosophy is only a projection of our bipolar view of the universe onto the universe, whereas in fact this bi-polarity does not exist. The universe/GOD/big hoochie koochie/spacial forcing just is, and doesn’t really care about what weird interpretations we make of her. Top down/bottom up, yin/yang, awareness/analysis, constructionist/reductionist, mother earth/father eagle are concepts and concepts only, and the world is not the concept.

    This is the brain fart. It ain’t real.

    It would seem that god is female. GOD? Dunno OPL walt

  4. Nice presentation, brings the feminine side back online

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