Top Down vs Bottom up thinking
George is right, kind of. But he still speaks of either/or rather than a synergistic both.

“Knowledge is not a Thing but a Relation” – George Kampis

A little bit about what are we going to do.

The Carteisan view suggests that knowledge is an entity.
The Anti-Cartesian view suggests that knowledge is NOT an entity.

Two concepts:
methodological individualism methodological anti-individualism

the indivudal is ~isolated the individual does not end at the surface of skin
complete incomplete

Anti-individualism often also called “externalism”. Physical or social reality is PART of human mind.
E.g. linguistic meaning is in the interaction of use; no meaning or represented knowledge possible in single individual.

Seemingly difficult concepts, but easy to understand in relational terms.

The Cartesian concept of the mind and knowledge suggests a detached view of knowledge.
Mostly the passive aspects of cognition (mental content, representation – note the word content)

The network view suggests an immersed concept of knowledge.
Typical for human societies in the past, more dynamic and interactive, person-based.

detached immersed

extractred situational
decontextualized contextual
distant “being there”
absolute relative
essential relational

HumanKnowledge Paradigm

2 Responses to “TD/BU”

  1. how about “knowledge is de-situationalized learning’, a kind of post-processing residue of ‘situational learning experience’. we all start out with a 100% full cup of ‘situational learning experience’ and a totally empty cup of ‘de-situationalized learning’ and we commence to fill up our cup of ‘de-situational learning’, a kind of piss-bucket of processed situational experiencing. some of us get mixed up and start drinking from the wrong bucket, the piss bucket and offering it around. if i wasn’t worried about mixing metaphors, i would say; ‘that’s when the shit starts hitting the fan’.

    • ellocogringo Says:

      Hi Mr Ted,
      Perfectly valid, not only do they pass it around, but they put shit in it. so your metaphor isn’t mixed at all.

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