“It was a dark and dreary night”

I like gothic, I mean I really like gothic. I recall Batman in the comic books. “He is additionally known as “The Caped Crusader”, “The Dark Knight”, and “The World’s Greatest Detective”. I was majorly into this guy as a kid, not the tv series, that outfit looked too much like baggy longjohns to suit me. I wondered if he wore the cape to hide the trapdoor. But the comic books were great. I liked the dark sinister side of the stories. Much more realistic that Beaver Cleaver. Dress for dinner? Come on, couldn’t get the old man to wear pants when the social services worker came over.Lost in the fog one night, wandering around Picadilly Circus in London, I noticed a crowd of eclectic people waiting in line at the ticket booth of the Windmill theatre.. The show was “Rocky Horror Picture Show” They were wearing underwear, Elizebethan gowns, leather studded dominitrix rigs etc. Looks like fun. Got a seat in the front row. Later learned the front row was reserved for suckers. The play was later turned into a movie. The scene to the right is from the movie. At the windmill however the crowd was downright obnoxious, things flying through the air, squirt guns shooting everyone. For instance, in this scene, the guy at the table half rose and everyone in the theatre made the fart sound. In another scene, lurch, (the butler) looked out the window at a torential downpour. “It looks like it might rain” “No f******g shit” screamed the audience in unison, and the water started. The entire cast picked up buckets and flung water into the audience. Most of the audience protected themselves with plastic sheeting or unbrellas. The audience would go up on the stage push the actors off the stage and show them how the scene was supposed to be played. Later the fish and chips vender commented to me “been to see the show, eh, mate?” Maybe it was because I was soaking wet. It has since become a cult film. They were still showing it at five points in Raleigh when I left. That’s a 50 year run. Replay captures it pretty well. Replay HorrorNights The brits can bring class to any endevour. England swings Here’s the movie if you want it. RockyHorrorPictureShow I used to get lost in the fog a lot in london.Continuing their grand tradition of mediocrity, american tv came out with the Adams family. Yechh! Morticia wasn’t too bad but the rest of it was hokey. There was even a spin off, the munsters. Both were hokey, I knew girls at school that were scarier than that. Sister Annunciata (3rd grade, St. Rita) was certainly scarier, I even found a picture of her on the internet. I still think fondly of her, must be the Stockholm Syndrome

I remember Elvira, Mistress of the dark hosted Movie Macabre, a tv show that came on early in the AM. She’d comment on really shoddy B movies and make them worth watching. One such movie was rocket ship XM. I noticed the light leaking past the hatch of the spaceship, but she rewound the film and pointed out the jeep tracks and beer can in the corner of the screen, as man first set foot on the moon. Here’s a clip from Dracula.

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