blind spot

Blind Spot

The human eye has a blind spot where the optic nerve goes back into your brain. You normally don’t notice it because your other eye and brain compensate to fill in the missing information. The brain can also be confused by the above image. It is static, but your brain interprets it as moving. ScotomaIn like manner the mind has a logical blind spot. You can be looking right at something and not see it. And like the optical blind spot the minds “fill in the blanks” so that the picture seems complete. Everyone has these “blind spots”, depends on imprinting. A person with an aboriginal world view will have a blind spot  in conceptualizing my european worldview. My blind spot is in conceptualizing the aboriginal world view. The crucial point is that I know I have this blind spot, he doesn’t.  OrangesVerbese essays with myriad authorative quotes only obfuscate the issue. The issue being that the mind’s logical processes are fundamentally flawed. It is crucial that homo sapiens understand this or we will become homo extinctus. There is, however, one blind spot I do NOT have. One that afflicts 99.953% of the population. (heyleighn estimate) This blindspot is the failure to recognize the slogan on the top of the page. i.e. the overwhelming majority of people think and act as if there were a single cognitive operation going on inside the skull, convoluted, contradictory, complex and twisted. Ain’t so. There are two relative simple processes going on. I have met 3 in my lifetime. I know of a few others. Plato was one. A credible contemporary one is Jill Bolte Taylor. Be sure to watch “stroke of insight” at the bottom ChrysalisThese people must be found, nurtured and protected. Their insight is desperately needed. This is the most important issue facing mankind today. And I don’t know what to do about it. There’s things we know

Things we know we don’t know

Things we don’t know we don’t know

And things we know that ain’t so

That last one will bite you in the ass

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