Naomi Wolf

MrTed> to me the problem is at the level of the western culture, and ‘the founding fathers’ were within that culture, they were ‘colonizers’ too

Here, Mr Ted and I part company. To me the problem is at the level of mankind. The human psyche is screwed. I have bounced around the world a lot. The view of Naomi Wolf is superficial. It’s true, but moot. It appears to me that we no longer live in the paleolithic but we behave as if we do. Allowing for the technology difference all of the 10 steps are evident in chimpanzee society.

Technology is the usage and knowledge of tools, techniques, crafts, systems or methods of organization.

It was not Bush who was corrupted, but the office of the president, and he’s not even the boss. Positions, an arbitrary term to describe offices to be filled by assholes, are asshole magnets. Get rid of the holder of that position, and there will be 100 assholes to take his place. It is not the position, but that there is a position. The position IS the hair whorl, not the occupant.

Charlie Chimp was a hominid roaming the savannah in the paleolithic. The society was simple, an alpha male would beat the other males about the head and shoulders to enforce subservience. If he got to be too much of a jerk they’d kill him and let someone else take over. Worked pretty well actually. Then the alpha male morphed into an ideology and the band morphed into a hyper-tribe. But we still behave as if we lived in the paleolithic. The savannah is swarming with rival bands and there is constant conflict. The grubs under the rocks are getting harder to find and the fruit isn’t as plentiful as it used to be. Other bands are shitting upstream making us sick. Instead of throwing rocks across the stream at a rival band, we face the prospect of throwing nukes across the ocean. ChimpWar AntWar

Laurie Santos looks for the roots of human irrationality by watching the way our primate relatives make decisions. A clever series of experiments in “monkeynomics” shows that some of the silly choices we make, monkeys make too

So what happened? Our intrepid band of chimps has been time warped into the present, bringing their survival skills with them. It is no longer the paleolithic but it’s the same society. The cohesion of the band has been lost. He no longer has a band to be loyal to. As he has evolved to live in a band of less than 150, the hyper-tribe is an abstraction. The lion has morphed into corporations to prey on him. He has evolved to be a slave. One thing that has not changed though, the hyper males that have taken over this system still get most of the poon-tang and bananas. As long as the hyper-males can keep the chimps fighting among themselves, this will continue.

Not just the colonizers, Mr Ted, but primates and possibly any social animal. There is nothing mystical about the amerind worldview. I don’t recall a homo lakota classification in anthropology. People mix cause and effect. Arabs and Bedouin are mortal enemies. The Arabs have the oil, so the arabs get the guns and are genociding bedouin. If the Bedouin had the oil, they would get the guns and would be genociding the arabs. And they are both aboriginal societies.

And before Mr Kirby gets his fur up, following standard primate policies, the arabs raped the women, killed the men and enslaved the children with the exception that sometimes the country was too large and they ruled the existing civilizations through the existing structure. Basically, North Africa is the Bedouin homeland.

Naomi’s ten step program. I think step 10 is upon us. The “problem” is that we are primates. Zeitgeist has it right on this.

1 Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy

2 Create a gulag

3 Develop a thug caste

4 Set up an internal surveillance system

5 Harass citizens’ groups

6 Engage in arbitrary detention and release

7 Target key individuals

8 Control the press

9 Dissent equals treason

10 Suspend the rule of law

Video Website Zeitgeist Memories

2 Responses to “Naomi Wolf”

  1. ellocogringo Says:

    Author: ted lumley

    no, walt, the problem is not at the level of mankind, it is at the level of culture, and no, it is not the case that “all of the 10 steps are evident in chimpanzee society”.

    organization does not start with the primate’s brain, walt, organization starts in the dynamic space of nature. the primate is organization parented by the dynamic space of nature.

    human society uses language as a reality-shaping tool, … not evident in chimpanzee society. the notion of an imaginary line bounded space whose borders must be respected is not evident in chimpanzee society, nor do chimpanzees have gulag archipelagos featuring confining spaces.

    this removes numbers 1, 2, 4, 6 and 7 as occur in human society that are not evident in chimpanzee society.

    again, language based idealization of reality and the use of imaginary-line-bounded spatial confinement are not evident in chimpanzee society.

    furthermore, the organizational architecture of stateless cultures which had no words for ‘land ownership’ such as the aboriginals, tapped into the natural organizing inherent in their inclusion in nature (their conjugate habitat-inhabitant inclusion). this is available to all organisms, not just primates, but western culture has chosen to demote it and to elevate instead, authoritarian control systems, using the idealization of imaginary-line-bounded confining spaces and the belief in the ‘independence’ of societies within those idealized spaces as part of the Aristotelian scheme (the independent society is understood as a local system with its own locally originating, intellect and purpose-directed behaviour).

    this inversion and one-sided truncation of organizing influence now dominates in the world, as a result of western culture having become dominant in the world.

    it is common for people NOT to question the deep assumptions of the culture they were born into, thus my mother would have interpreted the current situation similarly to Naomi Wolf and i would assume in both cases that their interpretations derive from compassionate intentions. nevertheless, they are thinking within a cultural paradigm (Aristotelian, causal) and the cultural paradigm, in my view, is the problem.

    and no, it is not that the Lakota people are special. we are all equipped to tap into the natural organizing influences (spatial-relational resonances) that are immanent in the dynamic space we all share inclusion in. the problem is that western culture has opted to elevate their own home-made organizing architecture to first order precedence (local central authority driven organization). no, authority-driven organization is not in first order precedence in amerindian culture/society, it is in second priority; i.e. it is a tool that has not run away with the workman as it has in western culture.

    the organization of amerindian society that was admired by the founding fathers was not ‘directed by the intellect of the amerindians’, it derived from nature; i.e. the amerindian culture let their behaviours be orchestrated/organized by the dynamics of the space they were included in.


  2. ellocogringo Says:

    Hi Mr Ted
    You’re getting too much in your head, big guy

    Technology is the usage and knowledge of tools, techniques, crafts, systems or methods of organization. – Wikipedia

    The appearance of the ‘”hair whorl” was in and of itself a technology. an inwelling if you will seeking the outwelling of an asshole to fill it.

    This appears to be, although I can’t prove it, built into the system. i.e. organization starts in the dynamic space of nature. (negentropic)

    In like manner language and bounded space are technologies, in the same manner as the first chimp that discovered he could use a stick to beat the subservients into submission.

    Wars happened long before language and bounded space were introduced as “new” technologies.


    being more or less the way I view the matter.

    All things being equal, anytime one culture comes into contact with another, a war will occur and the side with the inferior technology will be killed or sublimated. War does not denote combat.

    Unless there is a homo lakota as a separate species, this applies to them as well. I’m winging it here, but the superior technology may have been organizational skills or a superior method of tanning buffalo hides, but the vanquished are no less dead. The Lakota were the victors, the vanquished, dunno.

    We are ALL survivors of these wars, subsumed into the victor culture.

    And the victors are always going to be self righteous.

    And the vanquished are always going to be pissed off.

    There’s no nice way to kill somebody. European civilization is, at present, at war with the third world in general and islam in particular. Every time I crank up my car, some third world child on the edge dies as a result. We’re going to loose this war, an enemy has come up with a superior technology, virtual pussy. Hijacking the reproductive drive, even more basic than religion or education.

    Or, another way to look at it is you can’t use a $68,000 hellfire missle to do something the enemy can do with a 59 cent box cutter and expect to win.

    and so it goes

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