Problems associated with applying top down logic to bottom up problems.

Some things just is

Applying TD logic to BU problems is kinda like barking up the wrong tree, or off on a wild goose chase, but more akin to barking up the wrong goose chase. i.e. it’s not just inappropriate, it’s inappropriately inappropriate. Not only is it on the wrong page, it is in the wrong book in the wrong library, in the wrong language.

I will use the word musing to apply to Bottom Up Thinking, although, strictly speaking, it’s not even thinking or cognition but more akin to browsing, running your hand over a surface and feeling for bumps. Differences, inconsistencies. It’s more about what something ain’t than what it is.

Consider Topeka. Why? Because it is an inconsistency. It’s a mental tag I use to keep track of essays I’ve done on bottom up thinking. But why use that why? Because, as Dora thy would say, when we go into the right mind “Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.” Different rules apply. So if I forget where I put that paper on “Problems associated with applying top down logic to bottom up problems” I can simply name it “Topeka 09/26/10 Problems associated with applying top down logic to bottom up problems” I don’t have to remember the data, or even the name, nor do I have to search for it. I can just list it and all the essays I’ve done on right mind, yin, bottom up, etc. Even if I forget Topeka, I can search for any of yin, bottom up, constructionist etc because they are in the tag I forgot i.e. Topeka. It works both ways.

Consider Topeka again. A map this time, How hard would it be to reproduce it without a Xerox? How about if you couldn’t speak English? How about if you were illiterate. Yet if you an amazon Tupi were dropped in front of the post office and walked to the airport, and your map were taken away the Tupi could get back to the post office, you wouldn’t. That’s because you think different. Your mind is used to using a map and top down thinking, his isn’t. Loosing the map doesn’t make a bit of difference to the Tupi. Why, why, why? Because the Tupi hasn’t had his brain messed up by the ABF, his right mind is continually working the logic both ways. On the way to the airport while your mind is saying turn right here, the Tupi mind is flagging this turn as a trigger for the way back. In other words, he is making a reverse map in his head. And he’s not even aware this is happening, the reverse map just is. Tell him you want to go to the post office and off he goes. He doesn’t know what the post office is, but he knows where it is. Drop him off at a third location and he won’t retrace his steps but strike off cross country. The direction to go just is. He’d be puzzled why you can’t do it. (maintain situational awareness) the “where am I?” that has been crippled by the ABF. But why does it matter? Because the ABF has not only messed up your situational awareness, it has messed up your thinking. The Tupi has situational awareness, you don’t. This applies to everything including the universe.

Consider an old cash register. (This is actually the image eLG gives me). There is no calculation going on. You move the appropriate lever and the appropriate leaf pops up. It doesn’t have anything to do what what is printed on the leaf or the key. Which leaf pops up is dependent on the position of the key. It ain’t thinking, it just is.

A neuron seeks out and communicates. It’s a bottom up system. I am trying desperately to explain how the right mind works. It can’t be done with words. It’s negentropic. It self organizes. It just is. It’s really simple. I despair.

We just think we’re thinking

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