Going postal, global style

I,ll talk about amok first. “Running amok with a parang” is a frequent headline in the “Straits Times” A parang essentially is a machete, a big, thin knife used for cutting underbrush. Nobody ran amok today but I found this in the archives. Amok kills wife. Aug, 15, 2010. It is recognized as a mental illness. There are amok prevention centers throughout Singapore and amok teams like swat teams. They use throw nets to subdue the amok. Probably use taser guns now. Can’t get too close to one of these guys. Amok is much more common in singapore than going postal is in the states. about one per week in a population of 4 million. Most malays, another aboriginal group. Probably rebelling against the western culture. I’ll talk about aboriginal malays later, we had an amah and I got to talk to her quite a bit about this stuff. (worldviews, not amok)

Then there’s the other common term beserk. Vikings would return home after a hard day of rapine, pillage and plunder and loose the surly bonds of sanity. Sounds like PTSD on steroids. I’ve done a little research on this. The meaning given usually refers to them going beserk in battle. Not true, they went beserk when they got back and was considered normal. You just stayed out of their way. (I wouldn’t think you’d need to be told that)

In the philipines there’s kuru, still extant. A prion disease it can manifest itself in an uncontrollable rage.

And if in England, stay inside and lock the doors if Manchester United loses a match.

In my terms, the right mind has “gone off the reservation”


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