Some of you may not like my presentation.

The Point

Oblio Speaks

Nothing else seems to work, no matter how eloquent the oratory, how impeccable the logic, how irrefutable the facts you know that they can’t hear you. There is no mind there. The neurons have been lost. They are forever the quintessential idiots. They are runing with the squirrls. Crazy doesn’t work. Maybe I can shame them into using their brains.

This from Mr Johnny. The sad thing is, he’s right. There is no point.

Cool! In the end, I don’t think that we will convince anyone with academic arguments (such as Ted and I tend to make) bolstered by authoritative quotes from other philosophers and scientists. The key is finding the right ‘representations.’ Perhaps the use of dynamic graphics, video, music, dance and other more dynamic media will be the key.

Do you know the satirical cartoon “The Point”
(there is a album by Nielson – “me and my arrow”).
In the story Oblio is banished to the Pointless Forest where he meets the “Rockman” who in response to Oblio’s observation that everything in the Pointless Forest has a point says, “You hear what you want to hear, and you see what you want to see.” It is funny that many people actively don’t want to see ‘dynamics.’ They prefer a simple, easy to understand story about particles. And they seem very happy to live with the contradictions that result. Sometimes it feels like ‘ignorance’ has become a ‘virtue.’
Although most people prefer to live in the land of Point — it is good to know that there are a few with the courage to venture into the Pointless Forest (or should we call it the Particle-less Forest.
Keep pushing the envelope,

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