Dali time


hi mr sid
Neuroscience is certainly on the right track, using bottom up, psychology to me borders on insanity ie the idea that you can reverse engineer something as indeterminate as the brain. each person is unique, and psychology sprinkles “pixie dust” on an emotional problem using counterfeit concepts like bipolar and psychosis to delude themselves in to believing they understand what is happening.

in re time, I have experience in geophysics and so am relating to it. whereas time as a left mind function which is an interpretation of the right mind perception of reality. If the analogy holds, the right mind operates in the frequency domain with reality being perceived as tensors (rotating vectors) twisting this tensor would give the tensor a phase shift which is interpreted as a situational time (how big is that lion) here i start speculating. if the analogy still holds the endoplasmic reticulator could provide the bias. (weighting) to account for the dilation and contraction of natural time. this then is the “hidden layer” spoken of in neuroscience.

the relationship of right/left mind correlates 100% with the frequency/time domains of seismic computing. (if you take quantification into consideration) I really believe a neuroscientist could learn a lot by talking to any geophysist. If they didn’t throw away phase shift (natural time), and used it instead of clocks (artificial time) the results would be much more accurate. But they confused artificial time for natural time. So the x/y graphic output would have an amplitude/phase axis instead of an amplitude/time axis.

Humans do the same thing.

I can’t speak to weighting (bias, endoplasmic reticulator) our computers didn’t deal in “maybe’s”


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