is the ability of the mind to see itself

Here you go children.  If you don’t feel like spending years in a Tibetian monastery going Oooom! or you think yoga is effete and your therapist is an idiot.  or mindfullness doesn’t work.  This may be for you.  Remember there is no RIGHT “one size fits all answer'”  You are unique and what is RIGHT is what is right for you.  If it feels comfortable, go for it.  Maharishi emeritus el Loco Gringo gives an absolute unequivocal guarantee that this may work for some people.

For many therapists, what Siegel has done is to show just how, from the moment we’re born, our most important relationships fire into being the neural circuits of the brain that allow us to understand and empathize with others and feel their feelings. But beyond that, he’s gone on to link his interest in both science and the nuance of relationship with the almost unfathomable complexities of neuroscience to generate a field he calls “interpersonal neurobiology,” which has brought the latest findings of brain science directly into the therapist’s consulting room. As much as any figure in the mental health field, he’s taken on, as both a professional challenge and a personal quest, the task of showing his clinician colleagues how the objective, physical matter of the brain-its lobes, modules, folds, lumps, tubes, and fibers-creates the possibilities for the subjective life of the mind, heart, soul, and spirit that is the glory of our species.

These are some links to the webpage, (red) and some downloadable pdf files (yellow).  If it doesn’t work, you get a full refund.

Dan SiegelElle MindSight NeuralBuddists Audience Shambhala

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