Sir Ken Robinson

Letter to Sir Ken

Dear Sir Ken,

I ran across your talk on Stumble and was blown away. I went to the TED site and had my mind boggled, ( and I have a high boggle threshold). I was like the dancer you spoke of walking into the dance class and finding “a room full of people like me”. I am cursed with exceptional cognitive ability so debilitating that I went into seclusion 30 years ago to avoid having to deal with idiots. (99+% of the population). Non-idiots are few and far between, particularly among “experts”. I am unaware of any experts who are not idiots. I am not more intelligent, I just have greater cognitive ability.
To your talk, the problem is much deeper and more pervasive than just deemphasizing art in school. The educational system has destroyed creativity, particularly in the soft sciences. Reductionist thinking has been imprinted on the right hemisphere, thus negating the natural synergistic ability of the mind. It is more than the emphasis on art, the method of teaching must be changed so as to not cripple this innate synergistic ability.
This despite the numerous studies that show students learn chemistry better when taught by a chemist, or physics by a physicist, or history by a historian. Instead they use “professional” teachers which are trained to crush creativity. This is not just stupidity (although there is that too) on the part of the educators, there is a conscious effort to demolish the intuitive ability of the mind by idiots who feel that constructionist thinking has no place in academia. It’s backwards. They have destroyed the ability of the students to use creativity in their thinking, even in the hard sciences. They leave school knowing something that “ain’t so”.
Physics has gone off the deep end since Einstein. All physics since has been based on two flawed experiments. I’ve got the particle decay problem figured out, and I’m working on the two slot experiment. I hope to be done before I die, but then, who would I tell?
It also extends beyond education into social, religious, financial, philosophical, psychological domains. There are so many ways to be dumb, and only one way to be smart.
In a peculiar serendipity, I ran across a non-idiot psychologist. It’s like sticking my hand in my pocket and pulling out a live purple rhinoceros with yellow polka dots. I didn’t know such a thing could exist. She is helping me put my concepts, which are quite simple in my mind, into words which explode into meaningless irrelevancies using reductionist thinking.
What would the world look like with 1000 Leonardo da Vinci’s, or a million, or a billion? How many are spending their lives in menial occupations, or are institutionalized, or in seclusion? Idiots will be idiots, that’s what they’re best at. Why can’t they just leave the mind alone?
I’ve been to Stratford on Avon, it was bucolic when I was there, probably strip malls, parking lots and McMansions now.

Truth is simple and beautiful, Deceit is devious and ugly

Sir Ken Robinson

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