letter to DrB

Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder

A group can only deal with the symptoms, not the problem.

I do have some thoughts I’d like to share on the problem itself. After all, sometimes I’m a pretty fart smeller. It could be a healthy mind performing abnormally, or an unhealthy mind. (of course that’s true of everyone you encounter, isn’t it) If you’re talking an unhealthy mind, it’s dopazene time and they can go to the group to learn to deal with the side-effects. (that was easy, wasn’t it?)

First we’ll look at a healthy mind behaving normally as I see it. Pick someone at random that we both know, say, Dr. B. (yes, I checked you out, I’m not going to entrust my mind to an idiot. I may be crazy but I’m not dumb) Centered, Check; FIFO flushes (Hippocampus) check, dominant algorithm Dr. B, sub-dominant Teresa, stimuli pass through sub-dominant and are fielded by dominant, check (amylgada test 1); laterals seamlessly check (amylgada test 2) Yup, she’ll work.

I did some research on obsessive compulsive behavior. Just the definition, past that the discussion turned to bullshit. As I understand (it in my terms) stimuli are being fielded by both algorithms (kind of the reverse of multiple personality disorder) unlikely though but possible dopazene time

The second shows promise for a QD Fix. It may be that the dominant algorithm is fielding the stimuli and instead of dealing with it is sending it to the sub-dominant algorithm which then exhibits inappropriate behavior. If I am correct in my understanding of the problem, this would mean that there are two points of attack. The inappropriate lateral from the dominant to the sub-dominant, and the inappropriate behavior of the sub-dominant.

Bear in mind you listening to a crazy person, whose mind is not as sharp as it used to be, has no experience and only an amateurs interest in psychology.

If I am correct so far (a big if), and if by talking to this person I could confirm this. I might want to consider modifying the sub-dominant decision point. For instance, change 20 iterations to 10.  IF that works, the door is open and you need to do some SERIOUS thinking about what to do next.

Obsessive compulsive

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