Body Language

Body Language

Don’t worry about it. Only an uncentered person needs to worry about learning body language. Just trust your instincts. The only thing you need to be aware of is activity on the right side of the body, especially eyes, indicates activity in the left hemisphere and the reverse. Concentrate on reading the person rather than analyzing him. Dilated pupils indicate “input mode” (open)

One of the problems with being uncentered, is that the right mind is shut down, crippling this natural ability.  My ex-brother who is an idiot, intelligent, but an idiot nonetheless, would spend hours practicing body language in front of a mirror.  It may fool an idiot, but to a centered it looks contrived.  He thinks that steppling his fingers makes him look wise, for instance.  He would practice how long to pause to synthesize the appearance of considering a question.  He’d practice in front of me, for instance,  “what do you think?”   “looks like you’re lying, why don’t you tell the truth and just let your body language handle it” “well, there’s certain points I want to emphasize” “well, if you have to lie to emphasize them, maybe they don’t need emphasis”

Body language is unique to each individual, it is not something contrived, but something you put on like clothes.  A persona that sets you apart from all others.  If the persona doesn’t fit it is obvious.

I have identical twin nieces, who even their mother can’t tell apart.  They even swapped boyfriends on a date once and the deception wasn’t noticed.  This seemed odd to me as they seemed quite distinct in appearance.  I did notice however, that when sleeping I couldn’t tell them apart.  They took off their persona to sleep.  Hmm!

I still don’t understand how people can confuse twins.  They walk different, talk different, hold their mouth different, squint their eyes different.  They are each distinct unto themselves.  I can only surmise that this natural non-verbal communication has been crippled by idiocy.  How odd.  Here’s a site if you’re curious, there’s a bunch but remember body language is unique to each individual,  if the persona fits, wear it.  body signals

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