Wetware 1.0 to 1.1

This is a major patch to wetware version 1.0 bringing it up to date (wetware 1.1). It provides protection against a major security hole. As the mind has no defense against spinout, this patch should be applied as soon as possible, to prevent suicides, going postal, depression and other problems.

The meme “Regroup” should be introduced into the curriculum at the earliest opportunity. A good point would be History. The concept “regroup” means gather resources, fall back and establish a defensive perimeter. Once the meme is firmly implanted, it can be activated in a session or lecture, such as “When you start to become overwhelmed, you need to regroup, and consider your options.” Even if the person doesn’t self-regroup, a counselor or therapist can use it as a “back door” to relieve the tension.  QD Fix

This patch provides a defended area of the mind for sanity to occur. Once established, it can be used as a bridgehead to address the underlying issues.

This whole thing raises severe ethical and security questions.

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