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The Ghost in your Genes

I have made frequent references to imprinting.

Lattice – Block on constructivist thinking. Imposed by education to force conformist thinking.

Taboo – on pride. Imposed by religion and upbringing. Imposes subservience.

Centering – has been disrupted by the efforts of others to control us

Misogyny – Discourages “woman think”

Brain Fart – Combination of the above

Now I’ll discuss what I think is happening.  Please note, I could be wrong and am certainly incomplete. There is a critical period in a childs development when any input is accepted as truth, permanently.  This forms what I refer to as a Neuron Trellis that bypasses the thought process in emergency situations. It also forms a framework for social skills, language, mores etc. Once the critical period is past, a “prune and trim” operation is begun which reduces the number of brain cells from 300,000,000 in a child to around 100,000,000 in an adult.  (use ’em or loose  ’em)  So the neural pathways become “hard wired”  A concept which does not fit within this framework is impossible.  IE if we haven’t been imprinted with the language framework the concept of language is impossible to comprehend.  Or a spider will ALWAYS elicit a reflex.  Makes sense from an evolutionary point of view.  Anyone who didn’t have an uncontrolable urge to “be somewhere else quickly” would be removed from the gene pool if attacked by a lion.   A  pretty universal  imprint is the incest tabooA really good culprit in this would appear to be epigenitics, where decreased levels of cortisol trigger genetic changes which can be passed from generation to generation.  Also new research from Israel seems to indicate that injections of cortisol may be able to break the link.  The doctors at the VA are unaware of this. (start with part 4 where 1 year old kids are described with PTSD)

The Ghost in your Genes Part 1 2 3 4 5 Epigenetics – The new biology DNA is not destiny DNA Dimmer Short version; It may be possible to “fix” PTSD Gotta be careful what we tell our kids, it is forever. Psychological ramifications see here> Trauma Transformation Veterans

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