Moral Compass


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Many e-acolytes implore me; “Show me the way, sublime and serene celestial sailor, nebulous navigator of the netherworld” Show you the way? Hell, I don’t even know where you’re at*. Go to Mapquest and punch in the zip code. Once you’ve done an emotional enema to clear the crap out of your mind, come back here and read on.

Look around, decide where YOU want to go, not where someone else wants you to go. A good rule of thumb is “If someone claims they can show you the way, they can’t” Avoid them they are only trying to fill their own abyss, they are assholes. This is your mind, evolved/created for you and you alone. Do not allow anyone else to occupy rent free space in your mind. Remember the immortal words of the great mentalist Dan Quayle “A mind is a terrible thing to lose”

Do I have any suggestions? Only one, a kernel that can be nurtured ;

“You are a child of the universe, no less that the trees and the stars, you have a right to be here.”

Past that, you’re on your own, take control of your life, do not be a slave to others. Take your time, Choose carefully. Be gentle with yourself. It has been a long time since you could think for yourself. It will take awhile to relearn. It would be immoral of me to try to influence your thinking. I would just be another asshole then wouldn’t I?

Seek the “key of ANN”

*someone complained about my using a preposition at the end of the sentence. Append asshole at the above star if you are offended.






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