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Centering Redux

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Centering 4

So, you want to channel all of the data on centering into a central thread. Not really easy, as centering has more to do with what it ain’t. Consider this video>


It is clear that the bacteria, which is being chased by a T-cell is centered. Can’t be too difficult then, a bacteria doesn’t even have any neurons. The concept is centered about the “me”. I am me, I like me, I want to stay me would sum it up. You’d say it was egocentric if it had an ego or a center for that matter. So we skip forward to a baby. It is also centered and egocentric. But something happens. Societal, social, religious, cultural, educational imprinting encodes a decision tree on this basic me, a neuron trellis to provide a path for neurons to grow on (or not). With the brain operating under the “use it or loose it” principle, unused neurons are pruned and used neurons bloom. With the mechanism outlined in the “Asperta Supra” by Rodrick Wallace. (epigenetics) This then, is the core belief upon which all subsequent learning is attached. To the individual the core belief system is real and any attempt at communication must be in a format to be consistent with it, else it is tagged as “unreal” and discarded. So, while a persons top down and bottom up processes may be not inconsistent internally they may be inconsistent with society, specifically, THIS society.

Coupl’a three of ways to approach this;

  1. change the environment, become involved in a band of like minded persons. Seek affinity.
  2. change the encoding, the breakdown breakthrough does that, epigenitics shows great promise
  3. bypass the encoding, whole bunch of possibilities here, probably something like secular meditation (mindfulness) or bio-feedback would be appropriate as it bypasses most of the taboos. If the individual chooses to go the “mystical” route. so be it.

Perhaps a broad spectrum smorgasbord of possibilities could be presented, a kitchen sink approach that lets the patient choose. (it is, after all, his mind) Sidhere would be good for that.

Nobody ever learned to play a piano from a book”. A mirror is required who can see the problem from the inside. Unfortunately, there are few in the mental health profession capable of such insight, in fact the concept that psychology is a profession is a counterfeit concept. It is pseudo science as it exists, and too many people have vested interests in keeping it that way. A paradigm shift is needed in the mental health profession if it is to be effective, the fourth wave. It should be taught as an art, much like music. Mindfulness training should be required. A psychologist should be a professional friend.

Human mental disorders are not well understood. Official classifications as the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – fourth edition,(DSM-IV,1994), the standard descriptive nosology in the US, have even been characterized as prescientic by P. Gilbert(2001) and others.

Johnson-Laird et al.(2006) claim that current knowledge about psychological illnesses is comparable to the medical understanding of epidemics in the early19th century.

Psychiatrists have narrowly focused on the biological underpinnings of mental disorders while discounting the importance of such `soft’ variables as culture and socioeconomic status. – Rodrick Wallace

Time to shuffle the deck

It is the insight that counts, not the knowledge.



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