The Force

The Star Wars Philosophy


Yet another view of the yin/yang nature of the mind.  Undoubtedly, however, the strongest influence is Taoist philosophy, and secondarily Zen Buddhism, which inherited much from Taoism. The light and dark side of the Force are analogous to the Yin and Yang duality of the Tao.  I am struck with how the implied philosophy of Star Wars is not inconsistent with many of the duality natures of religion.  And the regalia is neat.  This will add a certain panache when you come strutting into that formal dinner in your Darth Vader outfit.  It’s as good as any and better than most however.
This aligns with the philosophy of some religions (and psychology) that emphasize rational thought and meditation (or medication)  as the path to enlightenment, as opposed to the “dark side” of violent passion and emotion. It also aligns with secular Enlightenment thought, based in reason (the light side) and passionate and often violent pre-WWI romanticism (the dark side).  However the did screw up in the ideology and implementation.  The dark side (of the mind) is dark only because of the Aristotelean brain fart which shut down the right mind.  It seems to be modeled after the Id, which is viewed as sinister in psychology.  The force however is entirely feasible, or at least not inconsistent.  I would be what Ted Lumley calls spacial forcing, I call the Big hoochie koochie, schrodinger calls the “one mind” and many people call god.  so a being like Darth Vader could not exist.  But the Jedi knights could be called centered (sorry to get technical on you, but I am striving to be professional.)  Darth Vader would just be a run of the mill asshole, his power being illusory.
So in summary the only thing feasible in this philosophy is  “The Force”, the dark side and the light side being entirely inside the skull.  Just the dual nature of the mind projecting itself out into the universe.  There is a disturbance in the force could be equated to the bullshit detector going off.

I got to see the original pilot of Star Wars before they realized they had a hit, they had intended a kiddie flick.  I got to meet all the stars except for Harrison Ford.  It was in Denver, sometime in the mid ’80s.  There were maybe a hundred people in the theatre. Star Wars Site

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