Stuffin it


If it is your aim in life to be unhappy, Here are 5 easy steps to achieve that goal. From a survival point of view it is more important that we are than that we are happy. So the mind is biased towards negativity.

Misery Anxiety Anger Depression


Blue funk – a state of nervous depression; “he was in a funk”

Depression – a mental state characterized by a pessimistic sense of inadequacy and a despondent lack of activity

Depression, in the Taoist view, can be looked at in 4 levels of depth: Spiritual, mental, emotional and physical depression. At any level, depression is an inner conflict of an individual. Spiritual depression is not a health problem and medical science cannot deal with it. The other three types can be helped by various healing arts, because they are all connected to chemical and energetical imbalance.

In the simplest way of understanding, depression is an emotional conflict with the logical mind and physical/chemical balances of the body. If one can logically and completely solve his/her own conflict, or sometimes by spiritual understanding, emotional and/or chemical imbalance is at once normalized.

Using the ANN model the neurons are “locked” into a state of inactivity. Quite the opposite of anxiety, which is a whirlwind of activity. As negative feelings are much more powerful than “feel good” stuff, the state can be difficult to break. With anxiety the mind is frantically searching for an answer, with depression, it has given up. The times I have seen it, it required triggering the fight/flight mechanism.

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