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Response to comment  by Hambydamit – My comments highlighted and below the feathers

“Is it possible to find nirvana secularly? Not a Buddhist “deathless” nirvana, more like a Maslowian self-actualization nirvana.

Sam Harris made a pretty big deal about this in his speech at the conference. Personally, I think his ideas were fairly reasonable, and he just found the worst possible way to say them to a bunch of dyed in the wool atheists.

As others have pointed out, there’s nothing mystical about meditation. There’s also no guarantee that you’ll find anything that will make you happy through meditation. Daniel Dennett made a really good point when he noted that the vast majority of people who go into caves for three years to meditate don’t say anything useful or interesting when they come back.

I’m a big fan of cognitive therapy. I think you might want to give that a look. It’s not something you even need a therapist for if you’re truly honest with yourself and aren’t afraid to ask hard questions. Just buy a textbook from a college bookstore and learn how to do it yourself.

Here’s the basic overview:

* Humans develop “core ideas” that are more or less hard-wired into our brains when we are still quite young. Epigenitics again – walt ref “asperta supra”

* These core ideas help us form shortcuts so that we don’t have to reason through everything from the beginning. They’re like our own personal axioms — things that are self-evidently true, and don’t need to be evaluated further.

* The problem is that sometimes we form core ideas that are false. Nope they’re taught – walt

* False core ideas lead to lots of false beliefs that we may not even consciously know we have. The neurons don’t exist. An unknown known- walt

* Identifying false core beliefs leads to identifying self destructive behavior patterns.

* Identifying self destructive behavior patterns leads to identifying “triggers” that cause us to engage in those patterns.

* Once we identify the triggers, we can begin to reprogram ourselves. When a trigger happens, we consciously override it. Over time, our new behavior patterns replace the original ones, so that we now have true core beliefs and healthy behavior patterns. Burn new neural pathways – walt

In fact, I can’t think of any reason why you couldn’t meditate as a means to discovering false core beliefs. Why not have the best of both worlds? Anyway, check out cognitive therapy. Nothing can guarantee happiness, but I’ve got a lot of personal and anecdotal evidence that it can work.
He’s right on about the “core beliefs” which I would call imprinting. The false beliefs are learned beliefs that are consistent with the core beliefs. For instance the “core belief” of the aboriginal belief system is “man belongs to earth, earth doesn’t belong to man”. Without this core belief, the entire aboriginal world view collapses into meaningless babble. This central thread can be found in all American belief systems. Cherokee, Meso-american, Aztec, Mayan, Incan etc. The learned beliefs, which seem to set them apart are only superficial.

Still working on that channeling center you asked about – walt

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2 Responses to “Core Beliefs”

  1. walt,

    lets say that the energy-charged medium which gathered us and which continues to extrinsically shape our behaviour in the manner that the flow of the atmosphere gathers and extrinsically shapes the behaviour of a cluster of contemporaneous convection cells, … undergoes a warp that stretches form and behaviour (spatial-relationally) of a collective as if the medium were made out of elastic. how would we report this as an individual in terms of self-other relationships?

    answer: ‘not possible!’

    this overall warp in spatial relationships is what happens in the hot summer heat in un-air-conditioned harlem of yore, where the thermal field wot bore us warps the energy we are made of in a three-body-problem manner which is not resolvable in terms of two body (self-other) relations.

    can we experience this? we DO experience this. who says that we are supposed to be able to articulate or even understand it? there is no law that says that experience should be understandable. the amoeba in slime mold can’t be able to understand the behaviour of the collective it is included in. the behaviour of the individual inhabitant is conditioned by the dynamics of the habitat it is included in, which are at the same time conditioning its behavior and there is no way to resolve the habitat-dynamic and the inhabitant-dynamic into two separate dynamics, therefore the inhabitant does not have a dynamic that it can call its own, so there’s not much point in paying psychologists to explain it because it doesn’t exist.

    does it help to ‘shut up for a while’ and shut down all our clever inquiry for a while?

    yup! call it meditation if you like, or call it getting back in touch with reality, … the reality of our natural experience, rather than the pseudo-reality of our intellectual conjecturing in terms that suggest that we each have a ‘behaviour’ that we alone are responsible for.

    meditation doesn’t have to dredge up new core beliefs, it can just be a place to go to get back in touch with the reality of our natural experience that is beyond the limited capability of intellectualized models as are constructed using the intrinsically limited capabilities of language.

    i don’t meditate per se, but i try to sustain groundedness in the reality of my experience without being made captive of any intellectualized constructs (which are idealized thinking tools that must not be confused for reality’). if i ‘grasp it intellectually’, then it is not ‘reality’. reality is not rational. insofar as i am being rational, i am out of touch with reality.

    western society insists that one’s behaviour be rational which means that it insists on taking us out of touch with reality on a collective basis. the amerindians understand this. they call it ‘colonization’ and their current mission is ‘decolonization’. .


    • ellocogringo Says:

      Well Hi Mr Ted,

      Damn yu’re quick I haven’t finished editing it yet. meditation is a method to bypass core beliefs, (AKA the brain fart). not dredge them up. I would like to remind you that if america were decolonized it would be uninhabited. yeah, you’re basically right.


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