Border Blaster
Del Rio, Texas

Wolfman Jack Died — July 1, 1995 (aged 57)

Belvidere, North Carolina, U.S.

Wolfman Jack introducing Fannie Mae by Buster Brown

XERF-AM is a Mexican clear-channel station on 1570 kHz in Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila, near the United States border. It gained fame as a 250-kilowatt border blaster used by Ramon D. Bosquez, Arturo Gonzalez, and Wolfman Jack. Now branded as La Poderosa, it is owned by the Instituto Mexicano de la Radio (IMER), a Mexican public broadcaster.

In earlier times, the station was operated under the laws of Mexico by Ramón D. Bósquez. Once world-famous, XERF commenced operations in 1947 using the old facilities of John R. Brinkley’s XERA, which ceased broadcasting in 1939. WMJ was one crazy mother humper.  An inspiration to me.  Steve says in the movie “you can’t stay 17 forever” Shit you can’t.

Mr M got me thinking about radio stations.  Nobody today understands how important a piece of technology a radio was.  It was either the radio or listening to aunt Maude drone on about her gall bladder operation.  People used to sit around the radio and watch it.  Sometimes there were shows like count of Monte Christo, or the Shadow “who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men, the shadow knows” or specials like Guy Lombardo.  I thought “Kukla Fran and Ollie”  line “plunk your magic twanger, froggie” was obscene somehow, we didn’t have sex education and I thought a twanger was a clitoris,  It seemed to work the same as froggie’s, I got my wish.   Shit, I salvaged that radio, refinished it and now my daughter has it.  Just a minute, I’ll go take a picture.  I’m back, thanks for waiting. It’s a Silvertone, not exactly a pocket radio.

Anyhow I had very limited access to this radio.  But Then I got a car.  1954 Studebaker.  Tires were shot and the radiator leaked but the radio worked great.  FREEDOM. Eventually I turned it into a Studillac.  Dropped a big block cadillac V8 in it and painted it candy apple red.  Looked like this.  It ended up at the bottom of bear creek canyon in Colorado when the parking brake failed at an observation point.  Quite impressive, it took out 50 or so trees. Probably still there.  Miss that car, it was a screamer, if you’d stomp the gas it would just dance in place.  I had to put sandbags in the trunk and soft tires on it if I wanted to drag.  An any case, once I got it running I’d go crusing on upper third in Alexandria.  Thats where all the drive ins were.  All the radios were turned to XERF full blast.  American Graffiti is very accurate in what the 50’s were like, the travolta movies were too glitzy. Trailer with Wolfman Jack For those of you who didn’t experience this, you’re going to have to learn to live with it.  It’s gone, forever.  But I do have a lot of the music here MiracleOfMusic.  This is an accurate depiction of a dance of the era.  It should be it was filmed live.  Little Richard

Oddly when I went to England they also had a border blaster Radio Free Luxemburg, on a platform outside GB’s maritime jurisdiction.  Pick it up in Germany too, where I rolled a VW down a mountain while listening to RFL AATW  

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2 Responses to “XERF”

  1. Like these memories. They tell another generation what life was like just a few years earlier. Music made it magical and the radio led the way offering hopes and dreams to all who would listen.

    Thanks for the recall.

    michael j

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