1961-1963 So I’m out of Alec finally. Arrive at FlugPlatz Hahn. 50th TFW “masters of the sky”. Noticed a small town right outside the gate. about half the buildings were honky tonks. Found out later the name of the town was Lautzenhausen . This is a site by Mark Muller who was there at the time. Overview Checked in at the transit barracks took a shower and headed to town for a couple of beers. Stopped at the first one a place named, oddly enough Furst Gausthaus. 1st G Had a resturant type room in front, German style bar on the left american on the right. Got a beer, no cheeseburgers so I got a bratwurst mit pompfrit, which are chunky style potatoes slathered with butter. Damn this is good, beer is the best I’ve ever tasted, foods great. I think I’m gonna like it here. Noticed a boot shaped glass on the shelf probably hold about as much as mug in the states. Sure gimme one. BIG mistake. I drank it most of the way down and the remainder came out in my face. Money changed hands and a good laugh was had by all. (these guys are big, I’m 250 lbs and I was the smallest, including the two women.) I later learned there were three types of Germans. In the south Helvitians, a little on the smallish side, in the north prussians and in the west Hunnerites. Probably where they get the word hun. This is the website. Lautzenhausen Hasn’t grown much pop 400. been around for 750 years. The area is the Hunsruch. (hounds back) named for the mountains in the area. Last I remember of that night, woke up in the stockade in the morning. Found out the local beer is 18% not the 3.2 I was used to in Denver. Wow! I learned you drink toe up till the boot turns to a slipper then toe down. With a population of a couple of hundred I soon got bored and tried the next town. Sohren. Map It was 3km by road but much closer if you took the path the farmers used. Easy walking distance. I actually found a picture of this path. Amazing. My this looks promising. A train station. Freedom! Much better transportation. I’m on a real base here, with an airstrip. I can get hops. I can get a Euruopass with unlimited travel on the rail and bus systems. Walt’s goin ‘splorin. I’ll only talk about what I found striking. There’s plenty of tourist books.

Get rid of the official stuff first. Still working on the lead sled. Every 6 months we’d have a one month TDY at Wheelus AFB. It had B-47 bombers, but you see one, you see them all. Tripoli, which is really Oea, (waya) Tripolitania is the name of the country, land of three cities, Oea, Leptus Magna and Sabratha. This used to be the bread basket of the Roman Empire Rome and later Byzantium. But, as is the custom of Arabs, they salt the earth to make the land useless to conquerers, so it’s all desert now. You didn’t think Arabs just like deserts did you? No, they make them. So Oea, has one beer, really nasty, one cigarette brand really nasty, and one ethnic group, really nasty. Great beach but spear diving gets boring. One bar on base the snake pit. Even went to the bombing range. That cheered me up, 3 guys that went TDY like I went TDY from Hahn. Even had a pet kangaroo rat. Damn this sucks. But the base did have a bus tour to Sabratha. Aha, now this is interesting. Here’s something nicer that the ruins at rome. It had been buried by dunes so the arabs didn’t fuck it up like they do everything else. There was a collonade leading from the city to the port which is where they got the columns for for the palace at Versailles. 900 rooms and no crappers. I can picture these ladies in their ball gowns hiking out in the woods to take a dump. At the time taking photos was prohibited, so I got a minox and took them surrepitously. Now they’re all over the web.

Why the mule? The locals called me the mule (mulitien) either because I was hard to knock down or hard headed or both. For an interesting perspective click on map above and zoom in and out. This is considered the “boonies” in Germany The “Hunsruch hillbillies” is what hahnites were known as. Notice the impact of man on the environment. I did the same thing on the England map. All the way from Picadilly to Southampton was McMansions on mini-estates. No environment whatsoever.

Fraulein. Naturally Fraulein by Bobby Helms was on all the jukeboxes.

The attire in the pic is pretty accurate, they wore a loose blouse with a bodice or vest laced up under their boobs. Skirts were longer and they wore something like knickers underneath (I like to be thorough in my scientific investigations.)

and then there’s the Lady of the lampost. I used to go mostly to Maintz for pub crawling. This was only 15 years after the war so there were still some buildings bombed out. This is where I first ran into the invisible man. The clubs were 3/4 ths women, sitting 3 and 4 to a table. Really old, 30 and up. It struck me that these were women who would never have a man. They had been killed in the war. How sad. How very sad. There is a tradition there of playing Lili Marlene at least once. It was announced with a thump, de da thump thump on a drum. like a dirge. When the tune was finished, the drummer would continue with the dirge and patrons would go to the stage with their own lyrics, kinda like karaoke, with gothic overtones. Some of the women would break down. How very sad. 50 years later and I still choke up.

And I’ll to mention Octoberfest. The britches those guys are wearing are called lederhosen, oddly enough. English is leather pants. The cap is a hunting cap. Badges on the front denote the clubs they belong to. A small brush is on the left side to brush the antlers of the deer. They are fond of a type of music I call oom pa. This is In munich is a haufbrau house. (beer hall)

The beer maids carry 8 litres at a time, and they do it all day long. I couldn’t pick up 8 mugs once without spilling it, and I was 250 lbs and muscular.

My stomping grounds was mostly between Maintz and Koblenz (K-town) on the Mosel River. bernkastle is the closest town of any size to the base. This area is famous for it’s wines. Mosel wines are sweeter than the Rhine wines. Wine is cheap here. No Mad Dog 20/20 to be found. Be careful if you click on the picture. It’s BIG. This is downtown. The buildings are typical. Nothing special here, this is a drugstore (apothoke) Maybe it’s just me, but I think it’s classier than Walgreens.

And Luxemberg, the western limit of my stomping ground. Notable not only for it’s small size but also it’s crummy beer. Henry Funk (really) I couldn’t find it on the internet, maybe they’ve gone out of business, no suprise there. But I’m sure of the name. I made a point of remembering it so as to never order it again. Tasted like stale bread soaked in warm water. You may wonder how such a small country can survive between two rivals like Germany and France. No problem, all of the royalty in Europe comes from there.

Damn, I miss these people.

Overview 1st G F-100 F1oo-50 50th Unk Portal map Hahnite

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