p-Truth, n-Truth, m-Truth

In my quest to explain bottom up thinking, I had thought to coin the term p-Truth (pseudo). Alas I find it is a well developed concept. Simply put, it is a truth that could be possible, but is not proven. I had always known that my mind discards erroneous and irrelevant data. A bullshit detector, if you will. This is the n-Truth (non), a truth that is not possible. IE you know something that “ain’t so”. There is also the m-Truth (mini), a truth which fits in with and validates the p-truth.

“truth = appropriate logic + relevant data” – el Loco Gringo

(I can’t believe that people write whole books on the topic, it’s so simple)

“truth is simple and beautiful, deceit is devious and ugly” – el Loco Gringo

Without reading any of these books, (a concept that requires a book is, by definition, devious and ugly) I’ll include links if you’re so inclined.

Starting from the bottom, there is no “truth” (unless you’re God, itself a p-truth).

Consider the field of genetics, DNA control was a p-truth, epigenitics is the new p-truth. And as we learn, we will discover new p-truths. (Either by serendipity or applying bottom up logic).

Following this from my perspective, my ANN is a truth, your ANN is a p-Truth, psychology is an n-Truth. IE to me; the ANN is the way my mind works (I’ve been there), it is probably the way everyone’s mind works, psychology isn’t possible.

Also to me; the concept that the fabric of the universe is governed by vectors in the 4th dimension is a p-truth. Einsteins concept of the space-time continuum is an n-truth. (I could be right, he’s wrong)

Also, to me, yoga is a truth (works for me). Yoga, TA, whole brain, Zen, TM etc are p-truths for others (could be). This then is what I mean by “seek your own truth”, seek that which works for you. Heed that little voice peeping in the corner of the echo box that says “they’re all full of shit” (the Scientific Method is an n-truth)

Thus there is no TRUTH, there is only truth, a p-truth as determined by the right algorithm setting the point on the left algorithm. It may be “the best answer to date”, “this idea seems to work for the moment” or even the less definitive “could be”.  So maybe this is as good as it gets, to be a candle in the darkness.

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