“We have two cognitive minds each with it’s own logical and perceptual processing, synchronous and modulated by intensity. (weighting)” – el Loco Gringo

Keeping Things Relevant

For those of you interested in  computers, the above model shows what I am talking about.  The ISR (interrupt service routine) is the doorman.  When the right mind makes a correlation between data inputs, it sets the (INT) interrupt flag (attention).  If the left mind can find the “best answer to date on the left algorithm, it goes with the shortcut.  1/2 second.  Else, it searches the left unANN (shortcut memory)  3 seconds. Then the right memory (inclusional memory) 3 seconds, Then the right algorithm 1/2 second.  If no hits are made it sets the IRQ (interrupt request) and evaluates the correlation found in the right mind.  And as with a computer the cache (short term memory) must be flushed periodically or the entire system will get hung up in a endless loop. (spinout)

Our mind only processes data as it relates to real life experience. In speaking with another person about any topic, it then becomes part of our real life experience and will be processed. Whereas before, my real life experience was trying to understand why people reject logic and facts, now my real life experience is the workings of the mind. It is being processed. My understanding this requires that I acquire a better visualization method. “make it so” . I am starting to see the mind in visual symbols, almost impossible to put into words. See if you can put this into words. Picture the unANN as an amorphous (un-ordered) liquid (sic) the ANN “poofs” it causing ripples (in 4 dimensions)

The Doorman

In a normal unblocked brain, each mind, (left binary, right Boolean) receives data simultaneously, and each goes through it’s own logic patterns. Results are compared via the corpus colostrum for hinky. (the bullshit detector) The wire to this bullshit detector has been cut in 80% of the population by imprinting, education, culture, religion and/or taboo on the right mind. The left mind is dominant unless hinky has been detected (within 8 seconds). (this input is not consistent with previous input) The enigmatic DrB and I were discussing various methods of bypassing blocks on the right mind to access it directly. (sideslip, yoga, I Ching, Whack me, Oblique strategies etc.) DrB mentioned a doctor that had been using the same technique and went on to describe it. I didn’t see the relevance. She pulled the paper out of the drawer and read the relevant passage. Yup, she’s exactly right, the guy was using visual images to access the right mind directly. She had omitted the part about visual images in the original accounting. I suspect that if I had recorded the original comments she would be amazed to discover that the central part of the concept, crucial to understanding what she was trying to convey, was omitted. This is the doorman. You have 8 seconds to get a right mind concept past the doorman and make it relevant to survival. (actually I suspect it’s 7 but 8 is the result of research) This is also what is happening with these “fleeting concepts”, you’ve got 8 seconds to nail it down and make it relevant so the left mind has to deal with it.

This goes to communication as well, if you can make a lot of sense in the first 8 seconds the remainder of a speech can be total bullshit and not be flagged as hinky. This is just a QD Fix on a mass scale. Any good sales pitch will be front loaded, start with a bumper sticker then baffle ‘em with bullshit. We have to keep reminding ourselves (every 8 seconds) to “listen for the new told lie”Hair

Hinky – Something as yet undefinable is wrong, out of place; not quite right.

What was I talking about? Oh well. maybe it’ll come to me later


2 Responses to “Doorman”

  1. Let the Sun Shine In. Doorman. Let it shine!

    michael j
    vietnam grunt

  2. ellocogringo Says:

    Hi Mr M
    I’m still new at this website thingie, Logic doesn’t work, facts don’t matter, eloquence is irrelevant. sad. maybe crazy will work, at the least a crazy person isn’t an idiot. I’ve been at this for 50 yrs, but they that understand are few, depressingly few. A reasonable estimate is 147,000 in the US that have the capability (neurons) left. and it’s important for the survivla of manking.

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