Herding Cats

Let’s cage them there cats

Hearding Cats

< voice a<—> voice b>

Need to get a lexicon for squishy concepts, else we’ll sound like Buddy Hacket and Ozzie Osbourne arguing string theory in Aramaic underwater. De-squishification if you will. starting with top down/bottom up Top down being a binary decision tree (A or B) and bottom up being a boolean tree (A or B or both or neither). Whatever terms you use the left mind is “good” and the right mind is “evil”, and the Great mysterious just is. This is NOT amerind which uses serial/parallel (pathfinder/inclusional) I’ll leave serial/parallel for later.

Top Down/Bottom Up

The yin/yang model is as close as I can come to my view with the caveat that yin/yang is inside the skull, IE our PERCEPTION of the world. in the occident right mind activity is viewed as the devil, satan, psychotic, metaphysical, heritical or just plain evil. depending on worldview. (tunnel) which I liken to a telescope with scale adjustmentwhich sets end points for processing by the left and right minds. The left mind is rational, the right mind is logical. (irrational)

Here things get hinky. It would appear that ALL RELEVANT data gets correlated in the right mind and paths set on the left mind. This is quite different from the occidental worldview. It is as if the “telescope” is locked at full magnification. Or a wide angle lens, if you will. Not better, not worse, just different. Or, you could say the individuation is farther out. Less resonance? It’s real squishy here. (at least for me) While the inclusional perspective would seem rambling and incoherent to an occidental, the pathfinder mode seems easy to follow. Fascinating!

I’ve started another website dedicated to herding cats. Let’s put some lipstick on the felines.

Or………………….. we can run with the squirrls like mainstream physics.

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