The three legged stool


Plato’s Mobile Centering 4

I have a logical dilema.  I know that we have two cognitive minds.  It is entirely possible with this model that nothing external to me exists, so that the entire universe is an elaborate hoax set up to trick me.  Somehow, that doesn’t sound reasonable.  In ref to secret 1 & 2,  I’m not happy with what he says, but it does say “it ain’t real” in terms an idiot can understand. in finding fault which I agree with, he speaks of electrical signals. if you’re going to think of it in those terms, the brain is chemical, the “signals” are the effect, not the cause. I was thinking of stripping the sound off, and overlaying my own or just strip the sound off period.

as to how the hell do we get from ourselves as inclusions in the universe to local objects with internal sensing and interpretation equipment?

aye, there’s the rub. In my model, which is truth to me and speculation to you, there are 3 things in play. right mind, left mind and reality. We have two ways of looking at the world. through the tunnel of mainstream physics electrons/space describes “what’s out there”. a totally inadequate view. It is our interpretation of our perception of the electron and the perception of space yields the normal dual interpretation that space is the aggregate and accumulate sum of the electrons. But this is only our perception of “what’s out there”. the same is true for every tunnel I’ve looked through. So……you could say that our perception of ourself in relation to our perception of society is not SOCIETY. IE it is inside the skull. A little disambiguation is in order. So anytime a “dual” view of anything is presented, I wonder where the other element is. If you say intrinsic/extrinsic for instance, It seems to me like a three legged stool with one leg missing. If you intend extrinsic to mean right mind (our perception of what’s out there)., that leaves unanswered “what’s out there?” (that’s where I’m at) If you intend it to mean “what’s out there” that causes me to wonder what happened to your right mind. Genetic defect, amputation, or idiot? for whatever reason it ain’t working. we have to be looking through a tunnel unless we can fit the universe inside the skull, in which case we can make up our own rules. as to “one mind”, this is speculation only, which i tend to agree with, leaves unanswered the question “what is the quantum mind?” I have two hits on the molecule. not inconsistent. If true, there is a tiny bit of mind in each molecule which in the aggregate would make up the “one mind” so they are the same. BUT the one mind and the quantum mind are only inside the skull merely being our perception of “what’s out there” looked at through the mind tunnel. at this scale we would be about half way between the quantum mind and the one mind. The mind analyzes “what’s out there” in two modes which would fully explain everything I have seen. In this case the endpoints set by the tunnel are artifacts, and MAY not reflect reality. whether the universe is infinite or not depends on this and the best we can hope for is “the universe is infinite, as far as we can tell” I don’t think this “one mind” gives a shit what this semi-mini mind thinks about it. The brain itself perceives and interprets in exactly the same way, with the output determined by worldview. why should intrinsic/extrinsic be any different? so we’re back to the yin/yang wars.

Or…. an alternative interpretation, I could be full of shit, I am crazy, don’t you know?

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