Temporal Displacement

Temporal Displacement

disconnect from time

“You don’t really live longer if you give up your nasty habits. It just seems that way” – el Loco Gringo

As has been my experience the best understanding of a concept comes from people who depend upon understanding this concept for a living.

The following is from>Neural Psychology and game design. Excerpts

“Predictive closure is the capacity of the mind to suggest consistent completion of a mental model, filling information gaps with a reasonable inference based on learned information.

Temporal Displacement is the prediction of hypothetical situations, including the predicted point of view of another person. Damasio calls this the “extended consciousness”

Extended consciousness goes beyond the here and now of core consciousness, both backward and forward. The here and now is still there, but it is flanked by the(remembered) past, as much past as you may need to illuminate the now effectively, and just as importantly, it is flanked by the anticipated future.” (Note, there is only now. The past is memories only and the future is anticipations.)

Anticipated is the key word in the above. We do not really predict the future, we anticipate it based on past experience IE “the best answer to date” and musing to determine alternate “best answers to date”. Alternative pasts. Viewed from an evolutionary point of view it is more important that we are rather than that we are happy. Thus our emotions are heavily weighted to the negative. By that I mean it is more important that we avoid being eaten now so that we can enjoy the lesser pleasure of eating later. Or you could say that if we are eaten now, the future becomes moot.

The sound byte for evolution is “survival of the fittest”, and although there is some of that, It really has more to do with the non-survival on the unfit. If you and a companion are being chased by a lion, you don’t have to run faster than the lion, you only have to run faster than your companion. Thus evolution is really “survival of the fit enough”. Indeed if it really were “survival of the fittest” the species would go extinct. People think backwards.

This speaks to subjective time, the “will this never end” feeling you get when you listen to your mother-in-law’s description of her gall bladder operation. Bad is more important than good and so we are wired to pay closer attention, and we don’t like it. But people that didn’t lost the race.

It also speaks to the “indeterminate December”. Based on various past “best answers to date” my left hemisphere could not get closure. It had “lost the plot”. A top down thinking fail. My right hemisphere has reacquired the plot and anticipates a ETF default sometime around November (election time). A bottom up thinking rescue. I really hope for a bottom up thinking fail. An ETF default would be some bad shit. There are a lot of signs now that I look for them. If the price of gold suddenly shoots up to $1500+, toss the guns in the car and head to the woods. On the up side, I’m not getting those flags anymore. They were getting as annoying as pop-up ads. Somehow, that’s not reassuring.

There is only now, the past is memories and the future speculation” – el Loco Gringo

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