Scientist, Engineer, Technician




One of the differences between the p-Zombie and the centered is that the p-Zombie has no choice. His actions, thoughts, concepts are limited by “someone else occupying rent free space in his mind”. This is about 90% of the population.

The centered, however, have choices. They can CHOOSE to operate on one of three planes.
The scientist, the “head in the clouds” idealist to whom all things are possible. Putting together seemingly disparate pieces of information to form new concepts.
The engineer, the generalist who can translate these concepts into actionable plans.
The technician, the specialist with the talent to implement these plans.

They can also choose to be an idiot or an asshole, but then they loose choice.

Notice I used the word plane and not level. Use of the word level would assume a hierarchy which doesn’t exist. Who am I to place a value judgment on how someone else chooses to achieve self fulfillment. That is their truth. The technician has chosen to achieve self fulfillment as a technician. That is HIS truth, that is his #1 level. I would just be an asshole if I were to attempt to quantify his decision by my values.

(Me, I, Self/Society)

As I mentioned, the individual consists of 3 personae:

I – left hemisphere, serial, literal, organized, in industrial parlance operates in the technician mode, ie the mind technician implements decisions. Locked and un-centered. Threatened by new concepts. 80% of population.

Type a; idiot

Type b; asshole

Me – combined, understands and interprets the Self for implementation by the I. Ie The mind engineer. Locked. Not threatened by new concepts. 20% of population.

Self – right hemisphere, creative, random inquisitive. The mind scientist. Unlocked and centered. Seeks out new concepts<1% of population.

Another way of looking at this is; if one assumes that mankind can be divided into smart and dumb, they would break out as follows;

smart people who know they’re smart <1% the mind scientist. Open.

smart people who think they’re dumb 10% the mind engineer. Centered.

dumb people who think they’re smart 10% the asshole. Closed.

dumb people who know they’re dumb 80% the mind technician. Centered

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