Jilll Bolte Taylor

It is deeply rewarding to watch the transformation of Jill from a hollow person to a complete person. (However, I certainly do not recommend the method she used to achieve nirvana) To realize that there is a “we inside of me”. To recognize that “we are beings with two cognatative minds and manual dexterity”. To understand the intricity of her connectedness with the universe and maintain her individuation. To have the vision of “a world full of beautiful, loving, compassionate, caring people”.

While it is comforting to know that on other mountaintops such people exist, it is disheartening that there are so few, and these few are being hunted down and shot up with dopazine® or smartacide®. And they are desperately needed.

Stroke of insight Transcript Jills Home Page


2 Responses to “Chrysalis”

  1. Incredible connection she made; what an incredible communication she’s given us about it later!

    michael j

  2. ellocogringo Says:

    Hi again,
    did you read the transcript? She’s now normal.

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