The deposed Christian goddess

“God transcends religion, religion doesn’t transcend God”

Shakinah means “presence of God” and relates to the feminine aspect of the Holy Trinity. It is the energy that sanctifies from within the dimension of matter or the Holy Spirit. Shekinah is the visible manifestation of the divine presence. One place within the Old Testament it appeared as the cloud that followed the children of Isreal in the desert.

Try to maintain temporal awareness. In 325AD at the council of Nicea, Christianity was de-feminized. Constantine viewed the church as a method to unify the Roman Empire by turning the populace into golems. (robots hadn’t been invented yet) Father and mother god (Yahweh and Shekinah) were replaced with Father, son and holy spirit (a neutered Shekinah). Crystal Links Has an excellent discussion on the evolution of Shekinah as a concept, although oddly they stopped right before the Deicide at Nicea. The explanation given is bullshit. The council was convened to de-feminize christianity so as to control the masses. (ensure that the hyper-males received primacy in the poon-tang and banana receiving department) The book of Mary I and II were removed as was the gospel of St Peter. Thus what is described as a mono-theistic religion is in fact a mono-mind religion (shut down the right mind). What do you call that? Devine Gynocide? No, Deicide – The act of killing a god, God had been murdered. And christianity did it.

Here’s some of what they didn’t want you to know.

Shekinah a.k.a. the Hebrew Shachan, Schechinah, Matrona, etc. (“to reside”) – the cabalistic feminine aspect of God, a.k.a. the Holy Bride; the female manifestation of God in man, the divine indwelling (inwohnung).

The Shekinah was said to have appeared to Moses in the burning bush. The Shekinah also descended in the pillar of smoke that guided the Israelites through the desert.

The Shekinah rested on Mount Sinai when the Ten Commandments were given to the children of Israel. Oops! Got a slight problem here, the Israelites didn’t speak english. No wonder they were confused when given the 12 (or 14 or 17, but at least 12) commandments. commandments Hammurabi

The Talmud teaches that the Shekinah is everywhere. The Shekinah Glory Meaning the very presence of God, is obliquely referred to in the bible, often portrayed as a pillar of flame or smoke. Said to be some scary shit. Hmmm! Arc of the covenent I’ve got my own take on this, I think that what is being described is what is known as nirvana, a direct access to the right mind. Here’s a first hand description of the Shekinah Glory Stroke of insight Found here> Chrysalis This will save you years of translating english translations of latin translations of greek translations of hebrew translations of aramaic translations of what’s happening. In case you’re curious, This is what Jesus thought on the topic, Nicea being far in the future. (try to maintain your temporal awareness). I’ve read Mary I and II which show Jesus to be a pain in the ass normal kid. I can picture, “Jesus, get your butt back in the house or I’ll have Joseph beat it when he gets back home. And quit with the miracles, you’re scaring the neighbors. Quit playing with them Philistines” It seems clear that the philistines are todays Palestinians, This definition from the urban dictionary. “You, sir, are a philistine, a member of the “great unwashed” and of a boorish or barbarous nature. Even the visigoths wouldn’t have them over. QED clip here> JC Superstar Entire Jesus Christ Superstar here> JCSS

And, as always the erudite and eloquent omniscient, all seeing, all knowing and ever so humble maharishi emeritus el Loco Gringo has once again tied it all in together. The ANN can. So, in the christian world, Shekinah is the inner child. The right minds perception of the universe (or GOD if you prefer). The Anomie of man is due to her absence (in the west) The “hole in the soul” This is the RBT, the Religious Brain Fart, the inability to spiritualize.

Do not mis-interpret what I am saying as an indictment of christianity. If you are comfortable in using christianity as a neuron trellis to expand your awareness of the universe, feel free to use the word god, it’s the same concept. Just do not allow religion to get between you and God. Remember, there is a little bit of God within you. If you’re going to use this framework, communicate directly. If religion comes into conflict with your awareness of God, go with God. Jesus was a messenger with a vision on knowing God as Einstein was a messenger in knowing the universe. They were both working on the same phenomenon. Just using different words.

This is the error in atheism. Athiesm is, in and of itself, a dogma, a religion if you will. No different than any of the others. There is a GOD but god is inside the skull. If you want to see GOD look out the window. If you want to see god look inside. Athiests confuse religion for god. (if she hasn’t been replaced by religion) She is Tabool

Taboo Celestial Mother BF Visualizations


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  1. ellocogringo Says:


    yes, i like this shekinah infusion.

    it fits with the following, no?


    An ‘organization’ such
    Submitted by emile on Fri, 2010-08-13 04:29.
    An ‘organization’ such as a ‘machine’ and/or organism WHEN MODELED as a local purposeful system is inherently ‘hierarchical’ (the MENTAL MODEL is hierarchical); i.e. it assumes that the ‘organization’ (organism, machine) and all its parts/limbs/organs behaves as ‘one thing’ due to some kind of central regulatory authority (a ‘brain’, or ‘central nervous system’ etc.) that is coordinating the activity of all of its parts. This ‘view’ ignores the fact the ‘local system’ is inevitably included in a (spatial) suprasystem that extrinsically induces and shapes its emergence and, in nature, continues to orchestrate individual and collective behaviours. The community/habitat dynamic is the suprasystem in which the local ‘hospital system’ emerges; i.e. the emergent hospital is extrinsically shaped in form, behaviour and organization by the suprasystem dynamic.

    The parenting suprasystem (the ‘community/habitat dynamic’) that extrinsically shapes its form, behaviour and organization does not go away; i.e. the ‘upstream source’ that can continue to orchestrate its form, behaviour and organization, and evolutionary development thereof, persists. This is the reality. There is no such thing in nature as an independently existing ‘local system’ with its own locally originating purpose-directed behaviour. That is ‘idealization’ made possible by ‘framing’ the system relative to absolute fixed and empty (Euclidian) space. The dynamics of the hospital (and/or any ‘local system’) are NOT relative to a fixed reference frame, they are relative to the spatial suprasystem in the manner that the visually ‘local’ rotating pinwheel of the hurricane is relative to the flow of the atmosphere. Sure, the hurricane with its spiralling limbs appears to be a ‘local system’ and sure, we can impute to it its own ‘locally originating behaviour’ and say, ‘it is strengthening’ and ‘it is moving to the northwest’ and it is ‘producing such-and-such an effect’, and ‘it is weakening and dissipating’ etc., but this is over-simplification that should not be confused for ‘reality’. The reality is that this ‘local system’ is NOT REALLY a ‘local system’ with its own locally originating, productive-purpose-directed behaviour/organization (that is just our idealized mental modeling of it), it is a spatial-relational pattern of dynamic organization within the suprasystem (which the observer ‘break out’ in his modeling mind).

    The ‘management’ of the ‘authoritarian hierarchy’ is free to confuse idealization for reality and believe that THEY DRIVE the organization and behaviour ‘from the top’ but this is idealization. There is no way to isolate the dynamics of a ‘local system’ from the dynamics of the ‘suprasystem’ it is included in; e.g. the people included in the hospital dynamic are AT THE SAME TIME included in the suprasystem (community) dynamic and the more comprehensive view of what is going on, when the hospital organization gathers within the dynamic suprasystem is in terms of the continually transforming suprasystem dynamic.

    The conflict that is felt by the hospital employee arises from the difference between letting one’s behaviour be orchestrated by the dynamics of the suprasystem (community) or in blindly following the orders of the authoritarian hierarchy, the ‘central nervous system’ or ‘brains’ that are notionally the source of locally-originating, productive purpose-directed behaviour of the ‘local system’. This is the conflict between living in two very different realities, one reality that acknowledges the ‘greater reality’ of the suprasystem dynamic (an metaphor/example is the flow of the atmosphere) and the other ‘lesser reality’, the egotist reality of the managers in the authoritarian hierarchy, that confuses for reality the idealization of the ‘local independently existing system with its own locally originating behaviour’ (e.g. the convection-cell in the flow ‘made over’ in the modeling mind into a local rotating pinwheel that has local existence and behaviour ‘of its own’; i.e. ‘the hurricane’).

    The suprasystem is the ‘greater reality’ while the ‘local system with its own local behaviour’ is ‘idealization’ that the manangement of the authoritarian hierarchy tends to ‘confuse for reality’. The split between the greater and lesser reality is where the dysfunction springs from, particularly when the ‘greater reality’ (the suprasystem) is usurped in our understanding and practice by the ‘lesser reality’. If the organization is managed and operated like a bulldozer, the information that takes top priority is that which concerns the functioning of the parts of the local system and how well they serve the forward productive purpose driving thrust of the organization. If the organization is managed and operated like a flock of wildgeese, the dynamics of the suprasystem space the organization is included in is the orchestrator of individual and collective behaviours. The ‘V’ formation of the geese is not directed by the lead goose sitting at the top of the ‘V’, it is the suprasystem dynamic they are all included in that orchestrates the organization of their individual and collective behaviours. If the lead goose is an egotist and if he has the support of cronies to remain in that position, he may suffer from the delusion that he is ‘directing the operation’, that he is ‘the leader of the pack’. The bigger the organization, the more distributed is the experiencing of inclusion in the suprasystem dynamic, thus the more likely that the ‘top management’ will delude themselves into thinking that the organization is centrally directed; i.e. as in the original post;

    “there is a constant tendency for hierarchy to corrupt communications, and for necessary information to be filtered out before it reaches the top decision makers. The bigger the organization, the more likely are its top decision makers to be living in a wholly imaginary world.”

    The information that is filtered out is the experience of inclusion in the suprasystem dynamic that employees of the organization would naturally like to be the orchestrator of their individual and collective behaviours in which case those at the top of the ‘V’ would be instructed by the overall organization (which is instructed by the suprasystem dynamic) rather than vice versa.

    The problem here is pervasive in the western culture; it arises from those in the top of the ‘V’ pattern inverting the two realities and putting the ‘lesser reality’ of the ‘local authoritarian hierarchy, notionally endowed with its own locally originating, productive purpose-directed behaviour’ into an unnatural precedence over the ‘greater reality’ wherein organization (form, individual and collective behaviour) is orchestrated by the suprasystem dynamic that the ‘team’ and those they are in interdependent relations with, share inclusion in.


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