Bonking Polly

We often think that when we have completed our study of one we know all about two, because “two” is “one and one.” We forget that we still have to make a study of “and.” Arthur Eddington
in re your chapter, I’d like to look at the and. Your observations are valid, your conclusion is valid, your deductions are valid, but the “why” is a problem. You’re painting yourself in a corner.
We have two minds operating on 3 levels, perception/interpretation, logos/mythos and weighting.
Setting perception/interpretation aside for the moment I’ll look at the mythos side (bottom up) your abduction.
The right mind can be considered a primarily a input data collating device which keys on not inconsistencies, (if it hasn’t been hijacked) an AND boolean network with output of consistent, not consistent, inconsistent and not inconsistent. These are 4 seperate and distinct logic patterns. In english you would say best answer to date, this idea seems to work for the moment, could be and bullshit. The outputs may be contradictory or even mutually exclusive. The left mind “looks” at this output and picks the most likely. Weighting is a tie-breaker. (reticulum) To see this process in action picture charlie chimp in the paleolithic pondering whether to bonk polly protohuman. “the last time I bonked polly, how many times did the alpha male hit me and how hard?” based on this collated information the left mind can make a yes/no decision.
The left mind however is primarily a data discarding device, shitcanning redundant and irrelevant data. For instance on the perceptual level, you walk into your office look around and sit down. So you’ve seen it once, that’s all it takes if there are no inconsistencies. (a boa in your chair you might notice) from this point on no matter how many times you look around the room, you do not “see” it, but see the stored memory of the room. There is no need to process the visual information more than once. Been there, done that. Your line drawings of the logic tree are right, by the way. But they are inverted between top down and bottom up IE the output of the bottom tree “best answer to date” becomes the first hit on the top down tree.
You see Mr John, you only think you’re thinking. (usually) It takes 8 seconds to start thinking. What is actually happening is you are pulling up pre-collated concepts. The possibility of the thought has already been considered. If it hasn’t you get that “deer in the headlight” look. WTF? precludes pre-surmising.
If this hasn’t sent you screaming for the exit, here’s a link.

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