Verbal Vertigo


On communicating with idiots

Quotes are exclusionary. IE in the western mind, setting aside for the moment that most people are idiots and are quick to dismiss Poindexter, Plato, Newton, Einstein as metaphysical bullshit, none of these people has a “best answer to date”. Remember that the left algorithm (top down thinking) is primarily a data discarding mechanism (exclusionary). Using my terms, So, while you or I may say “Schrodinger was right about A, and Plato was right about B and Einstein was right about C, and newton was right about D, therefore ABCD are not inconsistent. (could be) the Aristotelean brain fart limits the possibilities to A or B or C or D. In practical terms, what this means is that if a non-idiot cannot fit ALL of a concept into his worldview, the entire concept is rejected. Speaking of Schrodinger’s “one mind” to me is probably valid, but he did not “work the logic both ways” and failed to address the issue of “quantum minds”. So while an idiot would reject schrodinger as metaphysical bullshit, a non-idiot (with ABF) would reject schrodinger as incomplete, So anytime you quote schrodinger (or anyone) you are giving the reader an excuse to reject your core concept. Remember also that the words you use to describe extrinsic/intrinsic (or local/spacial or top down/bottom up or yin/yang etc) define the tunnel you are looking through. Swapping tunnels in a discussion gives a top down thinker “verbal vertigo” “he was talking about physics, now he’s talking about geese, WTF?” .  Their thought processes are limited by either/or possibilities. While I understand that the thought processes are identical for describing hurricanes, or geese, or bikers or the big hoochie coochie, most people can’t make that connection (ABF). They can’t hold more than one concept in their minds at one time.   To a person with ABF it is akin to swapping horses mid gallop, possible but tedious. (and that’s for a non-idiot, to an idiot the horses would be going in opposite directions) The core concept may really be rather simple but explodes into double-reverse thinking, backwards thinking, ping pong thinking, ambiguities etc. when expressed in words suited only to a Cartesian view of the world.

Yup, some of einstein, some of nietzsche some of newton, some of schrodinger can weave a “best answer to date”.  (after all, that’s what I do, and you) And i would certainly not want to not give them credit, it would be dishonest.
In the body of the message they are distractions that idiots can’t handle. Perhaps footnotes, or credit at the end.  Or both?  Or something else like “newtons right about A and nietzshes right about B but grouped separately? (in fact that might make a good paper in itself) it’s the scatter i’m concerned with. top down thinkers can’t handle that.  Remember a top down thinker starts with a conclusion and rejects all data and logic that doesn’t support it, dismissing it as metaphysical or percentages or aberrant defugalties. They’re trying, for instance, to reconcile a messed up cosmology with a messed up quantum mechanics, each with grand theories backed up by math that “proves” their position.  The scientific method doesn’t prove anything, it can only disprove. They think that calculus “proves” their views if they can put enough kludges in it, leaving the kludges for someone else to resolve.  they end up building their view with “accident upon accident” until they end up with a byzantine labyrinth of illogic that only a lunatic can understand. They don’t even realize that they’re asking the wrong question That’s why i call them idiots. Using top down thinking for inquiry borders on insanity. Look at the word irrational, for instance, it means, literally, not subject to ratios, but the ABF has left it with the urban meaning of illogical.  I think you are seriously underestimating the stupidity of the people you’re dealing with, quite intelligent but stupid nonetheless.

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