Cup of Stupid

I have on occasion drunk from the cup of stupid, and it has always given me a hangover, so I feel I can speak on the subject with authority. The hangover , however, does remind me to try not to do it again. I read through your comments on the link you sent. I’m impressed. I’m reminded of what Ayn Rand had to say on the subject. “No matter how impeccable the logic, how irrefutable the facts, how eloquent the words, you know in your heart that it can’t hear you, not in any way, for there is no mind there”. It’s like talking to a coffee table. I have spent a lifetime trying to figure out why stupid people do stupid things for stupid reasons and have come to the conclusion that “Stupid is forever, you can’t fix stupid.” Fully 80% of the population is in a state of perpetual stupidity. And it indeed is depressing to know that we live in a world where truth is irrelevant. On the up side I would like to direct your attention to the other 20%, those I call centered.

“The centered, being pragmatic, understand and accept the ambiguity of the situation, pretending to be idiots, doing what ever it takes to survive but maintaining their individuation, however surreptitiously. “

These are the people who keep the situation from spinning totally out of control. I submit that these are probably the bulk of the visitors to your site, not so much because of the logic, the facts or the words, but because what you have to say has worth. Even though I prefer to leave physics and math to “those interested in such things”, I still find much of worth on your site.

The centered have some interesting characteristics.

*They are not threatened by new ideas. They will “honestly” evaluate a new concept applying appropriate logic to relevant facts.

*They have a sense of connectedness, a compassion for mankind not normal in the general population.

*They are cross disciplinary. IE a centered poet is fully capable of understanding the concept of a cosmic standing wave, and the importance of it without the need to go into physics or math.

*They have an influence far out of proportion to their numbers. They are the “cooler heads that prevail” in decision making.

*They have a sense of social responsibility. They understand that as “a rising tide raises all ships, a sinking ship drowns passengers and crew alike”. They can balance the needs of the individual with the needs of society.

*They are complete and unique, in and by themselves, without the need for approval or validation.

*They are capable of dealing with a concept on anther’s terms. For instance, on reading your website, they can see the concept from your perspective.

There are more, but that’s enough. Essentially, they are non-idiots.

Now to TED. It is an invitation only group of thinkers whose only qualification seems to be that they invite only non-idiots. I have yet to find an idiot presentation on TED. For instance, I went on TED and did a search on “physics”. I picked the first and watched it. He has much of worth to say.   Our_place_in_the_cosmos

Never let it be said that my mind is inflexible. I have considered your comments on allowing my feelings to enter my writing. Accordingly, I have toned down my latest post.

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