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Counterfeit Concepts

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A counterfeit concept is a manifestation of the brain fart, our Aristotelian world view. It is our left mind’s block of the right mind which precludes creativity and insight. It is an idiot’s way of gaining control of a concept for which he is totally clueless. It is pixie dust he sprinkles over an unknown, giving him the illusion he understands. It is pre-renaissance thinking. It is thinking backwards. In the west, the Aristotelian brain fart has divorced us from our connectedness with the world and society. It is this connectedness that psychology discards treating the individual as if he/she existed in a vacuum.

So psychology ends up trying to fix only one element of what is in fact a three part balancing act. The right mind is treated as psychotic, the left mind is rigid and the external world doesn’t exist.

I am using the yin/yang model. It’s simpler than orientals make it out to be. But if you’re interested in the mysticism here’s a start> Feng Shui The more astute of you will notice that I do not strictly adhere to the tao model. I know, the mind doesn’t work exactly like orientals think it does. Do not assume I am down playing Tao, if it appeals to you, go for it. You could do lot’s worse. Plug in whatever words you prefer, call tao god if you want or the universe it doesn’t matter, it’s all the same thing depending entirely on wetware. The universe doesn’t really give a shit what words we use to describe it, and the mind works exactly the same way no matter what words we use.

Essentially the yin IS the right mind, what occidentals call the sub-conscious. The yang IS the left mind, the individual. Tao is the world. Feng Shui is balance. Tao is everything else. If the three are balanced, IE not inconsistent, the person is centered. Here’s another take on it if you’re interested Duality

But the real world isn’t static. We live in a turbulent society and this centering mobile is dancing all over the place. So flexibility would seem to be the key. Novel situations should be anticipated and not dreaded.

Inflexiblity is probably caused by social/religious/educational imprinting. Which leads us back to the right mind being shut down. It is time to reconnect the wires that have been cut. IE turn the bullshit detector back on. This will enable the right mind to come back on-line and evaluate new situations. Two really good places to start are SecularMeditation as it bypasses religious taboos (it doesn’t require belief) and SidHere who has a cornucopia of right mind enhancing techniques. If someone claims to have your TRUTH, he doesn’t. If he did he would realize that truth is unique to each individual. There is only truth.

This all boils down to “refusing to allow someone else to occupy rent free space in your mind”

truth is simple and beautiful, deceit is devious and ugly” – el Loco Gringo

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