Dot to Dot

Putting god into top down and bottom up logic trees.

Back to the mind

We have two cognitive minds each with it’s own logical and perceptual processing, synchronous and modulated by intensity. (weighting)” – eLG

Let’s take perceptual. The universe is of a wave nature with a beat of eight and is negentropic. But this is outside the skull. We’ll call this the BIG HOOCHIE KOOCHIE (reality). This is perceived inside the skull by the right mind as big-hoochie-koochie. (frequency domain, vectors) which is in turn interpreted by the left mind (time domain, sound, color, time) but the big hoochie koochie is not the BIG HOOCHIE KOOCHIE only our perception of it. Time, sound and color do not, in fact, exist outside the skull. Handled by the axion network.  The tunnel we view the world through sets endpoints which I call little-hoochie-koochies.  but these are not the LITTLE HOOCHIES, but only our interpretation of them. “unfolding in the now” or “whorls with whorls”

Now lets take logical. Outside the skull is TRUTH, inside the skull is truth. (our perception of the TRUTH) Handled by the dendrite network. Enhanced and limited by the world view (imprinting) and what we learn that is not inconsistent with the world view.

Let’s go to a neutral corner and consider the tao world view for instance. Yin is the right minds perception of the universe. (female, finesse) Yang is the left mind’s perception of the universe (male, power). However yin and yang are entirely inside the skull. In reality this duality does not exist in the universe, the universe just is. Yin and yang are just two ways of looking at the universe. Right mind, left mind. Keep in mind that when the neuron fires, both the axon and the dendrite network are triggered. Keeping the processing in sync. Modulated by the reticulator.

This is how the mind works. Always. The logic is exactly the same in a hardware sense but the wetware can change depending on culture, society, environment etc. The process with which concepts are processed is identical, but the wetware can yield a different result.

Now we’ll come out of the neutral corner and zoom in on the process. Try to get a sidereal view of what’s happening. Let’s say there is a god. Outside the skull is GOD, inside the skull GOD is perceived as god (right mind) and interpreted as religion (left mind). But god is not GOD, only our perception of GOD. Religious imprinting has shut down our perception of god and replaced it with our interpretation of god (IE religion) Thus we have lost the “wonder” of the glory of GOD and are left with only a sterile interpretation of god. god is the inner child, the mother earth which has been suppressed by de-feminization of religion. Thus the concept of religion must fit within the framework of god, not the other way around. God is not obligated to adhere to the precepts of religion. The reverse IS true. In our western society the preacher is dictating the rules GOD must adhere to. Can’t anybody else see how insane this is? So yes, DrB, religion killed god (but not GOD) We no longer are aware of our integral place in the universe. This is the “hole in the soul”. Do not interpret what I am saying as an indictment of religion. Religion is fine as long as it is understood that it is a sub-set of God.

Do not turn your back on someone who says he understands god.  He is a professional idiot.

So our perception of the universe says more about how the mind works than how the universe works. ANY bipolar philosophy is only a projection of our bipolar view of the universe onto the universe, whereas in fact this bi-polarity does not exist. The universe/GOD/big hoochie koochie/spacial forcing just is, and doesn’t really care about what weird interpretations we make of her. Top down/bottom up, yin/yang, awareness/analysis, constructionist/reductionist, mother earth/father eagle are concepts and concepts only, and the world is not the concept.

Patterns (perceptions) form in the right mind in response to the external environment and are interpreted by the left mind. The logic (dendrite) and perceptual (axion) patterns are synced when the neurons fire. The intensity of these patterns is determined by the reticulator. The nature of these patterns is determined by the worldview (imprinting + learning) which can enhance or inhibit the patterns. The same pattern can be interpreted as tao, connectedness, god, nirvana, centering, insight depending on the worldview.  So, the left mind IS yang, the right mind IS yin.

In no case should these concepts be confused with reality. IE god is not GOD, connectedness is not the UNIVERSE etc. but only our interpretations of them. This is the brain fart, confusing our perception for reality. I would hope no one would claim they can experience god or the universe in it’s entirety. In the occident the awareness of GOD (god) has been supplanted by religion and the awareness of the UNIVERSE (connectedness) by education. god, Tao, nirvana and the connectedness (with the universe) are the same thing, just different worldviews, a neuron trellis.  The difference is conceptual only.  And just what are YOU praying to?  GOD, god, science or religion?  Ya gotta believe in something, just understand what it is.

It would seem that god is female. GOD? Dunno OPL walt

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