Hi Carol, in re your comment

“Instead of cataclysm, a radically new, right brain way of thinking will be the new world order, which takes on the spiritual essence of life as part of a sudden evolution.”

I really, really hope you’re right and I’m wrong. But I don’t see the hyper-males giving up control that easily. Throughout history “right brain trending” has been shut down by religion and more recently by education. At the best I see a lockdown, with “Pointy headed intellectuals” being castigated a best case scenario, with perhaps a collapse of civilization at the worst. What do you think Pol Pot’s Collectivazation was about? Or Stalin’s Great Purge? Or Mao Tze Tungs cultural revolution? Or Viet Nams reeducation? Or Hitler’s final solution? (only half of the victims were jews, he used the jews to hide eradication of “smart people” Or book burnings?

I’m 70 and have seen drastic changes over my life which scare the shit out of me. Simply put, gender synergy is being polarized, into an either/or dynamic rather than both. Civilization is not a gradual upward trend as is pictured by most people but a sawtooth that collapses when resources are exhausted. We’re reaching that point. Kumbaya, or………Akimbo? The world is spinning widershins.

Disturbing to me is the “man who isn’t there” as males go “rogue” and drop out of society. Take mid-east society. What began as an enlightened, egalitarian, innovative, pluralistic society has collapsed into a dogma driven mindless quagmire of oppression. They still talk the talk but they don’t walk the walk. This is not an indictment of islam but of the hyper-males which have hijacked it. I see us headed towards an unseen cliff which has always been there and perhaps always will. The last thing hyper-males want is a population which can think for itself. This is not the first time “right brain trending” has happened. And maybe Charlie Chimp will just return to the jungle. Perhaps this time it will work. I hope so. 2012? could be. that’s when the next elections are happening. The politicians don’t seem to be worried about it which bothers me. it’s the dog that doesn’t bark. with an approval rating of 12% they should be scared shitless. The silence of the dog is deafening. I fear that the ability to think for yourself (right brain thinking) may be something you might want to keep to yourself in the future. I’ve kept it to myself for 60 to 65 years, my “crazy” defense mechanism. People see me as touched (slightly crazy in a harmless way) and society is even more psychotic now than it has been. it’s a lot easier and safer to pretend to be “crazy” than to pretend to be an idiot.

While it is tempting to envision a future where everyone sits around the campfire, holding hands singing kumbaya, I don’t see that happening. In this society it is very dangerous spending too much time contemplating our navels. Everything is upside down. People who can think for themselves are in a box. It’s a shame, mankind has a glorious potential which may never be realized. We’ve come a long way since the paleolithic but maybe not far enough. Maybe you should start shopping for burkas, or……….Charlie Chimp may just return to the jungle. van Goth

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. What is called resignation is confirmed desperation” – Thoreau

All of the elements of society are connected,with “rubber bands” when one is “fixed” if the pressure is released it snaps back. I don’t know where we’re going, but it’s not a nice place.

Or………….Maybe we’ll go this way

Or………….I could be full of shit, I am crazy, don’t you know? At least, I hope so. eLG



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